Remittent fever(Med.), a fever in which the symptoms temporarily abate at regular intervals, but do not wholly cease. See Malarial fever, under Malarial.

(Re*mit"ter) n.

1. One who remits. Specifically: (a) One who pardons. (b) One who makes remittance.

2. (Law) The sending or placing back of a person to a title or right he had before; the restitution of one who obtains possession of property under a defective title, to his rights under some valid title by virtue of which he might legally have entered into possession only by suit. Bouvier.

(||Re*mit"ti*tur) n. [L., (it) is remitted.] (Law) (a) A remission or surrender, — remittitur damnut being a remission of excess of damages. (b) A sending back, as when a record is remitted by a superior to an inferior court. Wharton.

(Re*mit"tor) n. (Law) One who makes a remittance; a remitter.

(Re*mix") v. t. To mix again or repeatedly.

(Rem"nant) a. [OF. remanant, p. pr. of remanoir, remaindre. See Remanent, Remain.] Remaining; yet left. [R.] "Because of the remnant dregs of his disease." Fuller.

And quiet dedicate her remnant life
To the just duties of an humble wife.

(Rem"nant), n. [OF. remanant. See Remnant, a.]

1. That which remains after a part is removed, destroyed, used up, performed, etc.; residue. Chaucer.

The remnant that are left of the captivity.
Neh. i. 3.

The remnant of my tale is of a length
To tire your patience.

2. A small portion; a slight trace; a fragment; a little bit; a scrap.

Some odd quirks and remnants of wit.

3. (Com.) An unsold end of piece goods, as cloth, ribbons, carpets, etc.

Syn. — Residue; rest; remains; remainder.

(Re*mit"ment) n. The act of remitting, or the state of being remitted; remission.

Disavowing the remitment of Claudius.

(Re*mit"tal) n. A remitting; a giving up; surrender; as, the remittal of the first fruits. Swift.

(Re*mit"tance) n.

1. The act of transmitting money, bills, or the like, esp. to a distant place, as in satisfaction of a demand, or in discharge of an obligation.

2. The sum or thing remitted. Addison.

(Re*mit`tee") n. (Com.) One to whom a remittance is sent.

(Re*mit"tent) a. [L. remittens, p. pr. : cf. F. rémittent.] Remitting; characterized by remission; having remissions.

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