(||Reg"ma) n. [NL., fr. Gr. - fracture, fr. to break.] (Bot.) A kind of dry fruit, consisting of three or more cells, each which at length breaks open at the inner angle.

(Reg"ma*carp) n. [Regma + Gr. fruit.] (Bot.) Any dry dehiscent fruit.

(Reg"nal) a. [L. regnum reign.] Of or pertaining to the reign of a monarch; as, regnal years.

(Reg"nan*cy) n. The condition or quality of being regnant; sovereignty; rule. Coleridge.

(Reg"nant) a. [L. regnans, -antis, p. pr. of regnare to reign: cf. F régnant. See Reign.]

1. Exercising regal authority; reigning; as, a queen regnant.

2. Having the chief power; ruling; predominant; prevalent. "A traitor to the vices regnant." Swift.

(Reg"na*tive) a. Ruling; governing. [Obs.]

(Regne) n. & v. See Reign. [Obs.] Chaucer.

(Re*gorge") v. t. [F. regorder; re- + gorger to gorge. Cf. Regurgitate.]

1. To vomit up; to eject from the stomach; to throw back. Hayward.

2. To swallow again; to swallow back.

Tides at highest mark regorge the flood.

(Re*grade") v. i. [L. re- re- + gradi to go. Cf. Regrede. ] To retire; to go back. [Obs.] W. Hales.

(Re*graft") v. t. To graft again.

(Re*grant") v. t. To grant back; to grant again or anew. Ayliffe.

(Re*grant"), n.

1. The act of granting back to a former proprietor.

2. A renewed of a grant; as, the regrant of a monopoly.

(Re*grate") v. t. [imp. & p. p. Regrated; p. pr. & vb. n. Regrating.] [F. regratter, literally, to scrape again. See Re-, and Grate, v. t.]

1. (Masonry) To remove the outer surface of, as of an old hewn stone, so as to give it a fresh appearance.

2. To offend; to shock. [Obs.] Derham.

(Re*grate"), v. t. [F. regratter to regrate provisions; of uncertain origin.] (Eng.Law) To buy in large quantities, as corn, provisions, etc., at a market or fair, with the intention of selling the same again, in or near the same place, at a higher price, — a practice which was formerly treated as a public offense.

(Re*grat"er) n. [F. regrattier.] One who regrates.

(Re*grat"er*y), n. The act or practice of regrating.

(Re*gra"ti*a*to*ry) n. A returning or giving of thanks. [Obs.] Skelton.

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