Grasshopper engine, a steam engine having a working beam with its fulcrum at one end, the steam cylinder at the other end, and the connecting rod at an intermediate point.Grasshopper lobster (Zoöl.) a young lobster. [Local, U. S.] — Grasshopper warbler(Zoöl.), cricket bird.

(Grass"i*ness) n. [From Grassy.] The state of abounding with grass; a grassy state.

(Grass"less), a. Destitute of grass.

(Grass"plot`) n. A plot or space covered with grass; a lawn. "Here on this grassplot." Shak.

Grass tree
(Grass" tree") (Bot.) (a) An Australian plant of the genus Xanthorrhœa, having a thick trunk crowned with a dense tuft of pendulous, grasslike leaves, from the center of which arises a long stem, bearing at its summit a dense flower spike looking somewhat like a large cat-tail. These plants are often called "blackboys" from the large trunks denuded and blackened by fire. They yield two kinds of fragrant resin, called Botany-bay gum, and Gum Acaroides. (b) A similar Australian plant

(Grass"y) a.

1. Covered with grass; abounding with grass; as, a grassy lawn. Spenser.

2. Resembling grass; green.

(Grate) a. [L. gratus agreeable, grateful: cf. It. & Sp. grato. See Grace, and cf. Agree.] Serving to gratify; agreeable. [Obs.] Sir T. Herbert.

(Grate), n. [LL. grata, fr. L. crates hurdle; or It. grata, of the same origin. Sae Crate, Hurdle.]

1. A structure or frame containing parallel or crosed bars, with interstices; a kind of latticework, such as is used ia the windows of prisons and cloisters. "A secret grate of iron bars." Shak.

Grassation to Gravel

(Gras*sa"tion) n. [L. grassatio, from grassari to go about.] A wandering about with evil intentions; a rioting. [Obs. & R.] Feltham.

(Grass"-green`) a.

1. Green with grass.

2. Of the color of grass; clear and vivid green.

(Grass"-grown`) a. Overgrown with grass; as, a grass-grown road.

(Grass"hop`per) n.

1. (Zoöl.) Any jumping, orthopterous insect, of the families Acrididæ and Locustidæ. The species and genera are very numerous. The former family includes the Western grasshopper or locust noted for the great extent of its ravages in the region beyond the Mississippi. In the Eastern United States the red- legged (Caloptenus femurrubrum and C. atlanis) are closely related species, but their ravages are less important. They are closely related to the migratory locusts of the Old World. See Locust.

The meadow or green grasshoppers belong to the Locustidæ. They have long antennæ, large ovipositors, and stridulating organs at the base of the wings in the male. The European great green grasshopper (Locusta viridissima) belongs to this family. The common American green species mostly belong to Xiphidium, Orchelimum, and Conocephalus.

2. In ordinary square or upright pianos of London make, the escapement lever or jack, so made that it can be taken out and replaced with the key; — called also the hopper. Grove.

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