Regius professor, an incumbent of a professorship founded by royal bounty, as in an English university.

(Re*give") v. t. To give again; to give back.

(Re"gle) v. t. [See Reglement.] To rule; to govern. [Obs.] "To regle their lives." Fuller.

(Re"gle*ment) n. [F. réglement, fr. régler, L. regulare. See Regulate.] Regulation. [Obs.]

The reformation and reglement of usury.

(Reg`le*men"ta*ry) a. [F. réglementaire, fr. réglement.] Regulative. [R.]

(Reg"let) n. [F. réglet, dim. of règle a rule, L. regula. See Rule.]

1. (Arch.) A flat, narrow molding, used chiefly to separate the parts or members of compartments or panels from one another, or doubled, turned, and interlaced so as to form knots, frets, or other ornaments. See Illust. (12) of Column.

2. (Print.) A strip of wood or metal of the height of a quadrat, used for regulating the space between pages in a chase, and also for spacing out title-pages and other open matter. It is graded to different sizes, and designated by the name of the type that it matches; as, nonpareil reglet, pica reglet, and the like.

Registering to Regulator

(Reg"is*ter*ing), a. Recording; — applied to instruments; having an apparatus which registers; as, a registering thermometer. See Recording.

(Reg"is*ter*ship), n. The office of a register.

(Reg"is*trant) n. [L. registrans, p. pr.] One who registers; esp., one who , by virtue of securing an official registration, obtains a certain right or title of possession, as to a trade-mark.

(Reg"is*trar) n. [LL. registrarius, or F. régistraire. See Register.] One who registers; a recorder; a keeper of records; as, a registrar of births, deaths, and marriages. See Register, n., 3.

(Reg"is*trar*ship), n. The office of a registrar.

(Reg"is*tra*ry) n. A registrar. [Obs.]

(Reg"is*trate) v. t. To register. [R.]

(Reg`is*tra"tion) n. [LL. registratio, or F. régistration. See Register, v.]

1. The act of registering; registry; enrollment.

2. (Mus.) The art of selecting and combining the stops or registers of an organ.

(Reg"is*try) n.

1. The act of recording or writing in a register; enrollment; registration.

2. The place where a register is kept.

3. A record; an account; a register. Sir W. Temple.

(||Re"gi*us) a. [L. regius, from rex, regis, a king.] Of or pertaining to a king; royal.

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