(Metal.), a furnace having a regenerator in which gas used for fuel, and air for supporting combustion, are heated; a Siemens furnace.

(Re*gen"er*a*tive*ly), adv. So as to regenerate.

(Re*gen"er*a`tor) n.

1. One who, or that which, regenerates.

2. (Mech.) A device used in connection with hot-air engines, gas-burning furnaces, etc., in which the incoming air or gas is heated by being brought into contact with masses of iron, brick, etc., which have been previously heated by the outgoing, or escaping, hot air or gas.

(Re*gen"er*a*to*ry) a. Having power to renew; tending to reproduce; regenerating. G. S. Faber.

(Re*gen"e*sis) n. New birth; renewal.

A continued regenesis of dissenting sects.
H. Spenser.

(Re"gent) a. [L. regens, -entis, p. pr. of regere to rule: cf. F. régent. See Regiment.]

1. Ruling; governing; regnant. "Some other active regent principle . . . which we call the soul." Sir M. Hale.

2. Exercising vicarious authority. Milton.

Queen regent. See under Queen, n.

(Re"gent), n. [F. régent. See Regent, a.]

1. One who rules or reigns; a governor; a ruler. Milton.

2. Especially, one invested with vicarious authority; one who governs a kingdom in the minority, absence, or disability of the sovereign.

3. One of a governing board; a trustee or overseer; a superintendent; a curator; as, the regents of the Smithsonian Institution.

4. (Eng.Univ.) A resident master of arts of less than five years' standing, or a doctor of less than twwo. They were formerly privileged to lecture in the schools.

Regent bird(Zoöl.), a beautiful Australian bower bird The male has the head, neck, and large patches on the wings, bright golden yellow, and the rest of the plumage deep velvety black; — so called in honor of the Prince of Wales who was Prince Regent in the reign of George III.The Regents of the University of the State of New York, the members of a corporate body called the University of New York. They have a certain supervisory power over the incorporated institution for Academic and higher education in the State.

(Re"gent*ess), n. A female regent. [R.] Cotgrave.

(Re"gent*ship), n. The office of a regent; regency.

(Re*ger"mi*nate) v. i. [Pref. re- + germinate: cf. L. regerminare.] To germinate again.

Perennial plants regerminate several years successively.
J. Lee.

Regenerative furnace

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