Reefing bowsprit, a bowsprit so rigged that it can easily be run in or shortened by sliding inboard, as in cutters.

(Reef"y) a. Full of reefs or rocks.

(Reek) n. A rick. [Obs.] B. Jonson.

(Reek), n. [AS. r&emcc; akin to OFries. rek, LG. & D. rook, G. rauch, OHG. rouh, Dan. rög, Sw. rök, Icel. reykr, and to AS. reócan to reek, smoke, Icel. rjuka, G. riechen to smell.] Vapor; steam; smoke; fume.

As hateful to me as the reek of a limekiln.

(Reek), v. i. [imp. & p. p. Reeked (rekt); p. pr. & vb. n. Reeking.] [As. recan. See Reek vapor.] To emit vapor, usually that which is warm and moist; to be full of fumes; to steam; to smoke; to exhale.

Few chimneys reeking you shall espy.

I found me laid
In balmy sweat, which with his beams the sun
Soon dried, and on the reeking moisture fed.

The coffee rooms reeked with tobacco.

(Reek"y) a. [From 2d Reek; cf. Reechy.]

1. Soiled with smoke or steam; smoky; foul. Shak.

2. Emitting reek. "Reeky fen." Sir W. Scott.

2. A close-fitting lacket or short coat of thick cloth.

(Reef"ing), n. (Naut.) The process of taking in a reef.

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