(Knop"pern) n. [Cf. G. knopper. See Knop.] (Zoöl.) A kind of gall produced by a gallfly on the cup of an acorn, — used in tanning and dyeing.

(Knop"weed`) n. Same as Knapweed.

(Knor) n. See Knur. [Obs.]

(Knosp) n. [Cf. G. knospe bud, E. knop, knar.] (Arch.) Same as Knop,2. Milman.

(Knot) n. [OE. knot, knotte, AS. cnotta; akin to D. knot, OHG. chnodo, chnoto, G. knoten, Icel. kntr, Sw. knut, Dan. knude, and perh. to L. nodus. Cf. Knout, Knit.]

1. (a) A fastening together of the pars or ends of one or more threads, cords, ropes, etc., by any one of various ways of tying or entangling. (b) A lump or loop formed in a thread, cord, rope. etc., as at the end, by tying or interweaving it upon itself. (c) An ornamental tie, as of a ribbon.

The names of knots vary according to the manner of their making, or the use for which they are intended; as, dowknot, reef knot, stopper knot, diamond knot, etc.

2. A bond of union; a connection; a tie. "With nuptial knot." Shak.

Ere we knit the knot that can never be loosed.
Bp. Hall.

3. Something not easily solved; an intricacy; a difficulty; a perplexity; a problem.

Knots worthy of solution.

A man shall be perplexed with knots, and problems of business, and contrary affairs.

4. A figure the lines of which are interlaced or intricately interwoven, as in embroidery, gardening, etc. "Garden knots." Bacon.

Flowers worthy of paradise, which, not nice art
In beds and curious knots, but nature boon
Poured forth profuse on hill, and dale, and plain.

5. A cluster of persons or things; a collection; a group; a hand; a clique; as, a knot of politicians. "Knots of talk." Tennyson.

His ancient knot of dangerous adversaries.

Palms in cluster, knots of Paradise.

As they sat together in small, separate knots, they discussed doctrinal and metaphysical points of belief.
Sir W. Scott.

6. A portion of a branch of a tree that forms a mass of woody fiber running at an angle with the grain of the main stock and making a hard place in the timber. A loose knot is generally the remains of a dead branch of a tree covered by later woody growth.

7. A knob, lump, swelling, or protuberance.

With lips serenely placid, felt the knot
Climb in her throat.

8. A protuberant joint in a plant.

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