Rebated cross, a cross which has the extremities of the arms bent back at right angles, as in the fylfot.

(Re*bate"), v. i. To abate; to withdraw. [Obs.] Foxe.

(Re*bate"), n.

1. Diminution.

2. (Com.) Deduction; abatement; as, a rebate of interest for immediate payment; a rebate of importation duties. Bouvier.

(Re*bate"), n. [See Rabbet.]

1. (Arch.) A rectangular longitudinal recess or groove, cut in the corner or edge of any body; a rabbet. See Rabbet.

2. A piece of wood hafted into a long stick, and serving to beat out mortar. Elmes.

3. An iron tool sharpened something like a chisel, and used for dressing and polishing wood. Elmes.

4. [Perhaps a different word.] A kind of hard freestone used in making pavements. [R.] Elmes.

(Re*bate"), v. t. To cut a rebate in. See Rabbet, v.

(Re*bate"ment) n. [Cf. OF. rabatement, fr. rabatre to diminish, F. rabattre.] Same as 3d Rebate.

(Re*ba"to) n. Same as Rabato. Burton.

(Re"bec) n. [F., fr. It. ribeca, ribeba, fr. Ar. rabab a musical instrument of a round form.]

1. (Mus.) An instrument formerly used which somewhat resembled the violin, having three strings, and being played with a bow. [Written also rebeck.] Milton.

He turn'd his rebec to a mournful note.

2. A contemptuous term applied to an old woman. [Obs.] Chaucer.

(Reb"el) a. [F. rebelle, fr. L. rebellis. See Rebel, v. i.] Pertaining to rebels or rebellion; acting in revolt; rebellious; as, rebel troops.

Whoso be rebel to my judgment.

Convict by flight, and rebel to all law.

(Reb"el), n. [F. rebelle.] One who rebels.

Syn. — Revolter; insurgent. — Rebel, Insurgent. Insurgent marks an early, and rebel a more advanced, stage of opposition to government. The former rises up against his rulers, the latter makes war upon them.

1. To beat to obtuseness; to deprive of keenness; to blunt; to turn back the point of, as a lance used for exercise.

But doth rebate and blunt his natural edge.

2. To deduct from; to make a discount from, as interest due, or customs duties. Blount.

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