To be without rebuke, to live without giving cause of reproof or censure; to be blameless.

(Re*buke"ful) a. Containing rebuke; of the nature of rebuke. [Obs.] — Re*buke"ful*ly, adv. [Obs.]

(Re*buk"er) n. One who rebukes.

(Re*buk"ing*ly), adv. By way of rebuke.

(Re`bul*li"tion) n. The act of boiling up or effervescing. [R.] Sir H. Wotton.

Rebrace to Receive

(Re*brace") v. t. To brace again. Gray.

(Re*breathe") v. t. To breathe again.

(Re*bu"cous) a. Rebuking. [Obs.]

She gave unto him many rebucous words.

(Re*buff") n. [It. ribuffo, akin to ribuffare to repulse; pref. ri- (L. re-) + buffo puff. Cf. Buff to strike, Buffet a blow.]

1. Repercussion, or beating back; a quick and sudden resistance.

The strong rebuff of some tumultuous cloud.

2. Sudden check; unexpected repulse; defeat; refusal; repellence; rejection of solicitation.

(Re*buff"), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Rebuffed (re*buft"); p. pr. & vb. n. Rebuffing.] To beat back; to offer sudden resistance to; to check; to repel or repulse violently, harshly, or uncourteously.

(Re*build") v. t. To build again, as something which has been demolished; to construct anew; as, to rebuild a house, a wall, a wharf, or a city.

(Re*build"er) n. One who rebuilds. Bp. Bull.

(Re*buk"a*ble) a. Worthy of rebuke or reprehension; reprehensible. Shak.

(Re*buke") v. t. [imp. & p. p. Rebuked (-bukt"); p. pr. & vb. n. Rebuking.] [OF. rebouquier to dull, blunt, F. reboucher; perhaps fr. pref. re- re- + bouche mouth, OF. also bouque, L. bucca cheek; if so, the original sense was, to stop the mouth of; hence, to stop, obstruct.] To check, silence, or put down, with reproof; to restrain by expression of disapprobation; to reprehend sharply and summarily; to chide; to reprove; to admonish.

The proud he tamed, the penitent he cheered,
Nor to rebuke the rich offender feared.

Syn. — To reprove; chide; check; chasten; restrain; silence. See Reprove.

(Re*buke") n.

1. A direct and pointed reproof; a reprimand; also, chastisement; punishment.

For thy sake I have suffered rebuke.
Jer. xv. 15.

Why bear you these rebukes and answer not?

2. Check; rebuff. [Obs.] L'Estrange.

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