Ranal alliance(Bot.), a name proposed by Lindley for a group of natural orders, including Ranunculaceæ, Magnoliaceæ, Papaveraceæ, and others related to them.

(Rance) n. [Etymol. uncertain.]

1. A prop or shore. [Scot.]

2. A round between the legs of a chair.

(Ran*ces"cent) a. [L. rancescens, p. pr. of rancescere, v. incho. from rancere to be rancid.] Becoming rancid or sour.

(Ranch) v. t. [Written also raunch.] [Cf. Wrench.] To wrench; to tear; to sprain; to injure by violent straining or contortion. [R.] Dryden. "Hasting to raunch the arrow out." Spenser.

(Ranch), n. [See Rancho.] A tract of land used for grazing and the rearing of horses, cattle, or sheep. See Rancho, 2. [Western U. S.]

(||Ran*che"ro) n.; pl. Rancheros (- roz). [Sp.] [Mexico & Western U. S.]

1. A herdsman; a peasant employed on a ranch or rancho.

2. The owner and occupant of a ranch or rancho.

(Ranch"man) n.; pl. Ranchmen An owner or occupant of, or laborer on, a ranch; a herdsman. [Western U. S.]

(||Ran"cho) n.; pl. Ranchos [Sp., properly, a mess, mess room. Cf. 2d Ranch.]

1. A rude hut, as of posts, covered with branches or thatch, where herdsmen or farm laborers may live or lodge at night.

2. A large grazing farm where horses and cattle are raised; — distinguished from hacienda, a cultivated farm or plantation. [Mexico & California] Bartlett.

(Ran"cid) a. [L. rancidus, fr. rancere to be rancid or rank.] Having a rank smell or taste, from chemical change or decomposition; musty; as, rancid oil or butter.

(Ran*cid"i*ty) n. [Cf. F. rancidité.] The quality or state of being rancid; a rancid scent or flavor, as of old oil. Ure.

(Ran"cid*ly) adv. In a rancid manner.

(||Ra"mus) n.; pl. Rami (Nat. Hist.) A branch; a projecting part or prominent process; a ramification.

(Ra*mus"cule) n. [L. ramusculus.] (Nat. Hist.) A small ramus, or branch.

(Ran) imp. of Run.

(Ran), n. [AS. ran.] Open robbery. [Obs.] Lambarde.

(Ran), n. (Naut.) Yarns coiled on a spun-yarn winch.

(||Ra"na) n. [L., a frog.] (Zoöl.) A genus of anurous batrachians, including the common frogs.

(Ra"nal) a. (Bot.) Having a general affinity to ranunculaceous plants.

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