Raised beach. See under Beach, n.

(Rais"er) n. One who, or that which, raises (in various senses of the verb).

(Rai"sin) n. [F. raisin grape, raisin, L. racemus cluster of grapes or berries; cf. Gr. "ra`x, "rago`s, berry, grape. Cf. Raceme.]

1. A grape, or a bunch of grapes. [Obs.] Cotgrave.

2. A grape dried in the sun or by artificial heat.

Raisin tree(Bot.), the common red currant bush, whose fruit resembles the small raisins of Corinth called currants. [Eng.] Dr. Prior.

(Rais"ing) n.

1. The act of lifting, setting up, elevating, exalting, producing, or restoring to life.

2. Specifically, the operation or work of setting up the frame of a building; as, to help at a raising. [U.S.]

3. The operation of embossing sheet metal, or of forming it into cup-shaped or hollow articles, by hammering, stamping, or spinning.

Raising bee, a bee for raising the frame of a building. See Bee, n., 2. [U.S.] W. Irving.Raising hammer, a hammer with a rounded face, used in raising sheet metal.Raising plate(Carp.), the plate, or longitudinal timber, on which a roof is raised and rests.

(||Rai`son`né") a. [F. raisonné, p. p. of raisonner to reason.] Arranged systematically, or according to classes or subjects; as, a catalogue raisonné. See under Catalogue.

(Rai"vel) n. (Weaving) A separator. [Scot.]

(||Raj) n. [See Rajah.] Reign; rule. [India]

(||Ra"ja) n. Same as Rajah.

(Ra"jah) n. [Hind. raja, Skr. rajan, akin to L. rex, regis. See Regal, a.] A native prince or king; also, a landholder or person of importance in the agricultural districts. [India]

(Ra"jah*ship), n. The office or dignity of a rajah.

(||Raj`poot", ||Raj`put") n. [Hind. raj- put, Skr. raja-putra king's son.] A Hindoo of the second, or royal and military, caste; a Kshatriya; especially, an inhabitant of the country of Rajpootana, in northern central India.

(Rake) n. [AS. race; akin to OD. rake, D. reek, OHG. rehho, G. rechen, Icel. reka a shovel, and to Goth. rikan to heap up, collect, and perhaps to Gr. 'ore`gein to stretch out, and E. rack to stretch. Cf. Reckon.]

Raised to Ramed

(Raised) a.

1. Lifted up; showing above the surroundings; as, raised or embossed metal work.

2. Leavened; made with leaven, or yeast; — used of bread, cake, etc., as distinguished from that made with cream of tartar, soda, etc. See Raise, v. t., 4.

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