Quirked to Quotable

(Quirked) a. Having, or formed with, a quirk or quirks.

(Quirk"ish) a. Consisting of quirks; resembling a quirk. Barrow.

(Quirk"y) a. Full of quirks; tricky; as, a quirky lawyer.

(Quirl) n. & v. See Querl.

(Quir"pele) n. [Tamil kirippi&lsdot&lsdotai.] (Zoöl.) The Indian ferret.

(Quirt) n. A rawhide whip plaited with two thongs of buffalo hide. T. Roosevelt.

(Quish) n. See Cuish.

(Quit) n. (Zoöl.) Any one of numerous species of small passerine birds native of tropical America. See Banana quit, under Banana, and Guitguit.

(Quit) a. [OE. quite, OF. quite, F. quitte. See Quit, v., Quiet.] Released from obligation, charge, penalty, etc.; free; clear; absolved; acquitted. Chaucer.

The owner of the ox shall be quit.
Ex. xxi. 28.

This word is sometimes used in the form quits, colloquially; as, to be quits with one, that is, to have made mutual satisfaction of demands with him; to be even with him; hence, as an exclamation: Quits! we are even, or on equal terms. "To cry quits with the commons in their complaints." Fuller.

(Quit), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Quit or Quitted; p. pr. & vb. n. Quitting.] [OE. quiten, OF. quiter, quitier, cuitier, F. quitter, to acquit, quit, LL. quietare, fr. L. quietare to calm, to quiet, fr. quietus quiet. See Quiet, a., and cf. Quit, a., Quite, Acquit, Requite.]

1. To set at rest; to free, as from anything harmful or oppressive; to relieve; to clear; to liberate. [R.]

To quit you of this fear, you have already looked Death in the face; what have you found so terrible in it?

2. To release from obligation, accusation, penalty, or the like; to absolve; to acquit.

There may no gold them quyte.

God will relent, and quit thee all his debt.

3. To discharge, as an obligation or duty; to meet and satisfy, as a claim or debt; to make payment for or of; to requite; to repay.

The blissful martyr quyte you your meed.

Enkindle all the sparks of nature
To quit this horrid act.

Before that judge that quits each soul his hire.

4. To meet the claims upon, or expectations entertained of; to conduct; to acquit; — used reflexively.

Be strong, and quit yourselves like men.
1 Sam. iv. 9.

Samson hath quit himself
Like Samson.

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