2. The barrel of a wooden pump.

(Pent) p. p. or a. [From Pen, v. t.] Penned or shut up; confined; — often with up.

Here in the body pent.
J. Montgomery.

No pent-up Utica contracts your powers.
J. M. Sewall.

(Pen"ta-) [Gr. a later combining form of five. See Five.]

1. A combining form denoting five; as, pentacapsular; pentagon.

2. (Chem.) Denoting the degree of five, either as regards quality, property, or composition; as, pentasulphide; pentoxide, etc. Also used adjectively.

(Pen`ta*ba"sic) a. [Penta- + basic.] (Chem.) Capable of uniting with five molecules of a monacid base; having five acid hydrogen atoms capable of substitution by a basic radical; — said of certain acids.

(Pen`ta*cap"su*lar) a. [Penta- + capsular.] (Bot.) Having five capsules.

(Pen`ta*che"ni*um) n. [NL. See Penta-, and Achenium.] (Bot.) A dry fruit composed of five carpels, which are covered by an epigynous calyx and separate at maturity.

(Pen`ta*chlo"ride) n. [Penta- + chloride.] (Chem.) A chloride having five atoms of chlorine in each molecule.

(Pen"ta*chord) n. [L. pentachordus five-stringed, Gr. five + string.]

1. An ancient instrument of music with five strings.

2. An order or system of five sounds. Busby.

(Pen*tac"id) a. [Penta- + acid.] (Chem.) Capable of neutralizing, or combining with, five molecules of a monobasic acid; having five hydrogen atoms capable of substitution by acid residues; — said of certain complex bases.

(Pen"ta*cle) n. A figure composed of two equilateral triangles intersecting so as to form a six- pointed star, — used in early ornamental art, and also with superstitious import by the astrologers and mystics of the Middle Ages.

(Pen`ta*coc"cous) a. [See Penta- , Coccus.] (Bot.) Composed of five united carpels with one seed in each, as certain fruits.

(Pen"ta*con`ter) n. (Gr. Antiq.) See Penteconter.

(Pen*tac"ri*nin) n. (Physiol. Chem.) A red and purple pigment found in certain crinoids of the genus Pentacrinus.

(Pen*tac"ri*nite) n. [Penta- + Gr. a lily.] (Zoöl.) Any species of Pentacrinus.

(Pen*tac"ri*noid) n. [Pentacrinus + -oid.] (Zoöl.) An immature comatula when it is still attached by a stem, and thus resembles a Pentacrinus.

(||Pen*tac"ri*nus) n. [NL. See Penta-, and Crinum.] (Zoöl.) A genus of large, stalked crinoids, of which several species occur in deep water among the West Indies and elsewhere.

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