Bow pen. See Bow-pen.Dotting pen, a pen for drawing dotted lines.Drawing, or Ruling, pen, a pen for ruling lines having a pair of blades between which the ink is contained.Fountain pen, Geometric pen. See under Fountain, and Geometric.Music pen, a pen having five points for drawing the five lines of the staff.Pen and ink, or pen- and-ink, executed or done with a pen and ink; as, a pen and ink sketch.Pen feather. A pin feather. [Obs.] — Pen name. See under Name.Sea pen(Zoöl.), a pennatula. [Usually written sea- pen.]

(Pen), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Penned ; p. pr. & vb. n. Penning ] To write; to compose and commit to paper; to indite; to compose; as, to pen a sonnet. "A prayer elaborately penned." Milton.

(Pen), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Penned or Pent ; p. pr. & vb. n. Penning.] [OE. pennen, AS. pennan in on-pennan to unfasten, prob. from the same source as pin, and orig. meaning, to fasten with a peg.See Pin, n. & v.] To shut up, as in a pen or cage; to confine in a small inclosure or narrow space; to coop up, or shut in; to inclose. "Away with her, and pen her up." Shak.

Watching where shepherds pen their flocks at eve.

(Pen), n. [From Pen to shut in.] A small inclosure; as, a pen for sheep or for pigs.

My father stole two geese out of a pen.

(Pe"nal) a. [L. poenalis, fr. poena punishment: cf. F. pénal. See Pain.] Of or pertaining to punishment, to penalties, or to crimes and offenses; pertaining to criminal jurisprudence: as: (a) Enacting or threatening punishment; as, a penal statue; the penal code. (b) Incurring punishment; subject to a penalty; as, a penalact of offense. (c) Inflicted as punishment; used as a means of punishment; as, a penal colony or settlement. "Adamantine chains and penal fire." Milton.

Penal code(Law), a code of laws concerning crimes and offenses and their punishment.Penal laws, Penal statutes(Law), laws prohibited certain acts, and imposing penalties for committing them.Penal servitude, imprisonment with hard labor, in a prison, in lieu of transportation. [Great Brit.] — Penal suit, Penal action(Law), a suit for penalties.

(Pe*nal"i*ty) n. [Cf. LL. poenalitas. See Penalty.] The quality or state of being penal; lability to punishment. Sir T. Browne.

Pemphigus to Penetralia

(||Pem*phi"gus) n. [Nl., fr. Gr. a bubble.] (Med.) A somewhat rare skin disease, characterized by the development of blebs upon different part of the body. Quain.

(Pen) n. [OE. penne, OF. penne, pene, F. penne, fr. L. penna.]

1. A feather. [Obs.] Spenser.

2. A wing. [Obs.] Milton.

3. An instrument used for writing with ink, formerly made of a reed, or of the quill of a goose or other bird, but now also of other materials, as of steel, gold, etc. Also, originally, a stylus or other instrument for scratching or graving.

Graven with an iron pen and lead in the rock.
Job xix. 24.

4. Fig.: A writer, or his style; as, he has a sharp pen. "Those learned pens." Fuller.

5. (Zoöl.) The internal shell of a squid.

6. [Etymol. uncertain.] (Zoöl.) A female swan. [Prov. Eng.]

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