Bowstring bridge, a bridge formed of an arch of timber or iron, often braced, the thrust of which is resisted by a tie forming a chord of the arch.Bowstring girder, an arched beam strengthened by a tie connecting its two ends.Bowstring hemp(Bot.), the tenacious fiber of the Sanseviera Zeylanica, growing in India and Africa, from which bowstrings are made. Balfour.

(Bow"string`) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Bowstringed or Bowstrung ; p. pr. & vb. n. Bowstringing.] To strangle with a bowstring.

(Bow"stringed`) p.a.

1. Furnished with bowstring.

2. Put to death with a bowstring; strangled.

(Bow"tel) n. See Boultel.

(Bow"wow`) n. An onomatopoetic name for a dog or its bark.a. Onomatopoetic; as, the bowwow theory of language; a bowwow word. [Jocose.]

(Bow"yer) n. [From Bow, like lawyer from law.]

1. The oar used by the bowman.

2. One who rows at the bow of a boat.

(Bow"-pen`) n. Bow-compasses carrying a drawing pen. See Bow-compass.

(Bow"-pen`cil) n. Bow-compasses, one leg of which carries a pencil.

(Bow"-saw`) n. A saw with a thin or narrow blade set in a strong frame.

(Bowse) v. i. [See Booze, and Bouse.]

1. To carouse; to bouse; to booze. De Quincey.

2. (Naut.) To pull or haul; as, to bowse upon a tack; to bowse away, i. e., to pull all together.

(Bowse), n. A carouse; a drinking bout; a booze.

(Bow"shot`) n. The distance traversed by an arrow shot from a bow.

(Bow"sprit`) n. [Bow + sprit; akin to D. boegspriet; boeg bow of a ship + spriet, E. sprit, also Sw. bogspröt, G. bugspriet.] (Naut.) A large boom or spar, which projects over the stem of a ship or other vessel, to carry sail forward.

(Bows"sen) v. t. To drench; to soak; especially, to immerse (in water believed to have curative properties). [Obs.]

There were many bowssening places, for curing of mad men.
. . . If there appeared small amendment he was bowssened again and again.

(Bow"string`) n.

1. The string of a bow.

2. A string used by the Turks for strangling offenders.

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