(Knot"ted) a.

1. Full of knots; having knots; knurled; as, a knotted cord; the knotted oak. Dryden.

2. Interwoven; matted; entangled.

Make . . . thy knotted and combined locks to part.

3. Having intersecting lines or figures.

The west corner of thy curious knotted garden.

4. (Geol.) Characterized by small, detached points, chiefly composed of mica, less decomposable than the mass of the rock, and forming knots in relief on the weathered surface; as, knotted rocks. Percival.

5. Entangled; puzzling; knotty. [R.]

They're catched in knotted lawlike nets.

(Knot"ti*ness) n. [From Knotty.]

1. The quality or state of being knotty or full of knots.

2. Difficulty of solution; intricacy; complication. " Knottiness of his style." Hare.

(Knot"ty) a. [Compar. Knottier ; superl. Knottiest.]

1. Full of knots; knotted; having many knots; as, knotty timber; a knotty rope.

2. Hard; rugged; as, a knotty head.[R.] Rewe.

3. Difficult; intricate; perplexed.

A knotty point to which we now proceed

(Knot"weed`) n. (Bot.) See Knotgrass.

(Knot"wort`) n. (Bot.) A small, herbaceous, trailing plant, of the genus Illecebrum

(Knout) n. [Russ. knut'; prob. of Scand. origin; cf. Sw. knut knot, knout, Icel. knutr knot: cf. F. knout. See Knot.] A kind of whip for flogging criminals, formerly much used in Russia. The lash is a tapering bundle of leather thongs twisted with wire and hardened, so that it mangles the flesh.

(Knout), v. t. To punish with the knout. Brougham.

(Know) n. Knee. [Obs.] Chaucer.

(Know) v. t. [imp. Knew (nu); p. p. Known (non); p. pr. & vb. n. Knowing.] [OE. knowen, knawen, AS. cnäwan; akin to OHG. chnäan Icel. knä to be able, Russ. znate to know, L. gnoscere, noscere, Gr. gighw`skein, Skr. jna; fr. the root of E. can, v. i., ken. &radic45. See Ken, Can to be able, and cf. Acquaint, Cognition, Gnome, Ignore, Noble, Note.]

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