Knuckle joint(Mach.), a hinge joint, in which a projection with an eye, on one piece, enters a jaw between two corresponding projections with eyes, on another piece, and is retained by a pin which passes through the eyes and forms the pivot.Knuckle of veal(Cookery), the lower part of a leg of veal, from the line of the body to the knuckle.

(Knuc"kle), v. i. [imp. & p. p. Knuckled ;; p. pr. & vb. n. Knuckling ] To yield; to submit; — used with down, to, or under.

To knuckle to. (a) To submit to in a contest; to yield to. [Colloq.] See To knock under, under Knock, v. i. (b) To apply one's self vigorously or earnestly to; as, to knuckle to work. [Colloq.]

(Knuc"kle), v. t. To beat with the knuckles; to pommel. [R.] Horace Smith.

(Knuc"kled) a. Jointed. [Obs.] Bacon.

(Knuff) n. [Cf. Gnof a churl.] A lout; a clown. [Obs.]

The country knuffs, Hob, Dick, and Hick,
With clubs and clouted shoon.

(Knur) n. [See Knurl.] A knurl. Woodward.

(Knurl) n. [See Knar, Gnar.] A contorted knot in wood; a crossgrained protuberance; a nodule; a boss or projection.

Known to Kummel

(Known) p. p. of Know.

(Know"-noth`ing) n. A member of a secret political organization in the United States, the chief objects of which were the proscription of foreigners by the repeal of the naturalization laws, and the exclusive choice of native Americans for office.

The party originated in 1853, and existed for about three years. The members of it were called Know- nothings, because they replied "I don't know," to any questions asked them in reference to the party.

(Know"-noth`ing*ism) n. The doctrines, principles, or practices, of the Know-nothings.

(Knubs) n. pl. Waste silk formed in winding off the threads from a cocoon.

(Knuc"kle) n. [OE. knokel, knokil, AS. cuncel; akin to D. knokkel, OFries. knokele, knokle, G. knöchel, Sw. knoge, Dan. knokkel, G. knochen bone, and perh. to E. knock.]

1. The joint of a finger, particularly when made prominent by the closing of the fingers. Davenant.

2. The kneejoint, or middle joint, of either leg of a quadruped, especially of a calf; — formerly used of the kneejoint of a human being.

With weary knuckles on thy brim she kneeled sadly down.

3. The joint of a plant. [Obs.] Bacon.

4. (Mech.) The joining parts of a hinge through which the pin or rivet passes; a knuckle joint.

5. (Shipbuilding) A convex portion of a vessel's figure where a sudden change of shape occurs, as in a canal boat, where a nearly vertical side joins a nearly flat bottom.

6. A contrivance, usually of brass or iron, and furnished with points, worn to protect the hand, to add force to a blow, and to disfigure the person struck; as, brass knuckles; — called also knuckle duster. [Slang.]

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