Period of incubation, or Stage of incubation(Med.), the period which elapses between exposure to the causes of a disease and the attack resulting from it; the time of development of the supposed germs or spores.

(In"cu*ba*tive) a. Of or pertaining to incubation, or to the period of incubation.

(In"cu*ba`tor) n. That which incubates, especially, an apparatus by means of which eggs are hatched by artificial heat.

(In*cu"ba*to*ry) a. Serving for incubation.

(In`cru*en"tal) a. [L. incruentus. See In- not, and Cruentous.] Unbloody; not attended with blood; as, an incruental sacrifice. [Obs.] Brevint.

(In*crust") v. t. [imp. & p. p. Incrusted; p. pr. & vb. n. Incrusting.] [L. incrustare; pref. in- in + crustare to cover with a crust: cf. F. incruster. See Crust.] [Written also encrust.]

1. To cover or line with a crust, or hard coat; to form a crust on the surface of; as, iron incrusted with rust; a vessel incrusted with salt; a sweetmeat incrusted with sugar.

And by the frost refin'd the whiter snow,
Incrusted hard.

2. (Fine Arts) To inlay into, as a piece of carving or other ornamental object.

(In*crus"tate) a. [L. incrustatus, p. p. See Incrust.] Incrusted. Bacon.

(In*crus"tate) v. t. To incrust. [R.] Cheyne.

(In`crus*ta"tion) n. [L. incrustatio: cf. F. incrustation. See Incrust.]

1. The act of incrusting, or the state of being incrusted.

2. A crust or hard coating of anything upon or within a body, as a deposit of lime, sediment, etc., from water on the inner surface of a steam boiler.

3. (Arch.) A covering or inlaying of marble, mosaic, etc., attached to the masonry by cramp irons or cement.

4. (Fine Arts) Anything inlaid or imbedded.

(In*crust"ment) n. Incrustation. [R.]

(In*crys"tal*li`za*ble) a. Not crystallizable; incapable of being formed into crystals.

(In"cu*bate) v. i. & t. [imp. & p. p. Incubated ; p. pr. & vb. n. Incubating ] [L. incubatus, p. p. incubare to lie on; pref. in- in, on + cubare to lie down. Cf. Cubit, Incumbent.] To sit, as on eggs for hatching; to brood; to brood upon, or keep warm, as eggs, for the purpose of hatching.

(In`cu*ba"tion) n. [L. incubatio: cf. F. incubation.]

1. A sitting on eggs for the purpose of hatching young; a brooding on, or keeping warm, (eggs) to develop the life within, by any process. Ray.

2. (Med.) The development of a disease from its causes, or its period of incubation. (See below.)

3. A sleeping in a consecrated place for the purpose of dreaming oracular dreams. Tylor.

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