(||Cu*bi"le) n. [L., bed.] The lowest course of stones in a building.

(Cu"bi*lose`) n. [L. cubile bed, nest.] A mucilagenous secretion of certain birds found as the characteristic ingredient of edible bird's-nests.

(Cu"bit) n. [L. cubitum, cubitus; elbow, ell, cubit, fr. (because the elbow serves for leaning upon) cubare to lie down, recline; cf. Gr. ky`biton elbow, ky`ptein to bend, stoop, kyfo`s bent, stooping, humpbacked. Cf. Incumbent, Covey.]

1. (Anat.) The forearm; the ulna, a bone of the arm extending from elbow to wrist. [Obs.]

2. A measure of length, being the distance from the elbow to the extremity of the middle finger.

The cubit varies in length in different countries, the Roman cubit being 17,47 inches, the Greek 18,20, the Hebrew somewhat longer, and the English 18 inches.

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