Hepatic duct(Anat.), any biliary duct; esp., the duct, or one of the ducts, which carries the bile from the liver to the cystic and common bile ducts. See Illust., under Digestive.Hepatic gas(Old Chem.), sulphureted hydrogen gas.Hepatic mercurial ore, or Hepatic cinnabar. See under Cinnabar.

(||He*pat"i*ca) n.; pl. Hepaticæ [NL. See Hepatic. So called in allusion to the shape of the lobed leaves or fronds.]

1. (Bot.) A genus of pretty spring flowers closely related to Anemone; squirrel cup.

2. (bot.) Any plant, usually procumbent and mosslike, of the cryptogamous class Hepaticæ; — called also scale moss and liverwort. See Hepaticæ, in the Supplement.

(He*pat"ic*al), a. Hepatic. [R.]

(Hep"a*tite) n. [L. hepatitis an unknown precious stone, Gr. fr. the liver: cf. F. hépatite.] (Min.) A variety of barite emitting a fetid odor when rubbed or heated.

(||Hep`a*ti"tis) n. [NL., fr. Gr. liver + -itis.] (Med.) Inflammation of the liver.

(Hep`a*ti*za"tion) n.

1. (Chem.) Impregnating with sulphureted hydrogen gas. [Obs.]

2. [Cf. F. hépatisation.] (Med.) Conversion into a substance resembling the liver; a state of the lungs when gorged with effused matter, so that they are no longer pervious to the air.

(Hep"a*tize) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Hepatized ; p. pr. & vb. n. Hepatizing ] [Gr. to be like the liver, to be liver-colored, fr. the liver: cf. E. hepatite, and (for sense 2) F. hépatiser.]

1. To impregnate with sulphureted hydrogen gas, formerly called hepatic gas.

On the right . . . were two wells of hepatized water.

2. To gorge with effused matter, as the lungs.

(He*pat"o*cele) n. [Gr. the liver + tumor.] (Med.) Hernia of the liver.

(Hep`a*to*cys"tic) a. [Hepatic + cystic.] (Anat.) Of or pertaining to the liver and gall bladder; as, the hepatocystic ducts.

(Hep`a*to*gas"tric) a. [Hepatic + gastric.] (Anat.) See Gastrohepatic.

(Hep`a*to*gen"ic Hep`a*tog"e*nous) a. [Gr. "h^par, "h`patos, the liver + root of gi`gnesthai to be born] (Med.) Arising from the liver; due to a condition of the liver; as, hepatogenic jaundice.

(Hep`a*tol"o*gy) n. [Gr. "h^par, "h`patos, the liver + -logy.] The science which treats of the liver; a treatise on the liver.

Hepatic to Herbivora

(He*pat"ic) a. [L. hepaticus, Gr. fr. the liver; akin to L. jecur, Skr. yakt: cf. F. hépatique.]

1. Of or pertaining to the liver; as, hepatic artery; hepatic diseases.

2. Resembling the liver in color or in form; as, hepatic cinnabar.

3. (Bot.) Pertaining to, or resembling, the plants called Hepaticæ, or scale mosses and liverworts.

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