Duke's coronet. See Illust. of Coronet.To dine with Duke Humphrey, to go without dinner. See under Dine.

(Duke), v. i. To play the duke. [Poetic]

Lord Angelo dukes it well in his absence.

(Duke"dom) n.

1. The territory of a duke.

2. The title or dignity of a duke. Shak.

(Duke"ling), n. A little or insignificant duke. Ford.

(Duke"ship), n. The quality or condition of being a duke; also, the personality of a duke. Massinger.

(Dul`ca*ma"ra) n. [NL., fr. L. dulcis sweet + amarus bitter.] (Bot.) A plant See Bittersweet, n., 3 (a).

(Dul`ca*ma"rin) n. (Chem.) A glucoside extracted from the bittersweet (Solanum Dulcamara), as a yellow amorphous substance. It probably occasions the compound taste. See Bittersweet, 3(a).

(Dulce) v. t. To make sweet; to soothe. [Obs.]

(Dulce"ness), n. Sweetness. [Obs.] Bacon.

(Dul"cet) a. [OF. doucet, dim. of dous sweet, F. doux, L. dulcis; akin to Gr. . Cf. Doucet.]

1. Sweet to the taste; luscious. [Obs.]

She tempers dulcet creams.

1. A canoe or boat dug out from a large log. [U.S.]

A man stepped from his slender dugout.
G. W. Cable.

2. A place dug out.

3. A house made partly in a hillside or slighter elevation. [Western U.S.] Bartlett.

(Dug"way`) n. A way or road dug through a hill, or sunk below the surface of the land. [U.S.]

(Duke) n. [F. duc, fr. L. dux, ducis, leader, commander, fr. ducere to lead; akin to AS. teón to draw; cf. AS. heretoga (here army) an army leader, general, G. herzog duke. See Tue, and cf. Doge, Duchess, Ducat, Duct, Adduce, Deduct.]

1. A leader; a chief; a prince. [Obs.]

Hannibal, duke of Carthage.
Sir T. Elyot.

All were dukes once, who were "duces" — captains or leaders of their people.

2. In England, one of the highest order of nobility after princes and princesses of the royal blood and the four archbishops of England and Ireland.

3. In some European countries, a sovereign prince, without the title of king.

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