Damask color, a deep rose-color like that of the damask rose.Damask plum, a small dark-colored plum, generally called damson.Damask rose(Bot.), a large, pink, hardy, and very fragrant variety of rose (Rosa damascena) from Damascus. "Damask roses have not been known in England above one hundred years." Bacon.Damask steel, or Damascus steel, steel of the kind originally made at Damascus, famous for its hardness, and its beautiful texture, ornamented with waving lines; especially, that which is inlaid with damaskeening; — formerly much valued for sword blades, from its great flexibility and tenacity.

(Dam"ask), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Damasked ; p. pr. & vb. n. Damasking.] To decorate in a way peculiar to Damascus or attributed to Damascus; particularly: (a) with flowers and rich designs, as silk; (b) with inlaid lines of gold, etc., or with a peculiar marking or "water," as metal. See Damaskeen.

Mingled metal damasked o'er with gold.

On the soft, downy bank, damasked with flowers.

(Dam"as*keen` Dam"as*ken) v. t. [F. damaschinare. See Damascene, v.] To decorate, as iron, steel, etc., with a peculiar marking or "water" produced in the process of manufacture, or with designs produced by inlaying or incrusting with another metal, as silver or gold, or by etching, etc., to damask.

Damaskeening is is partly mosaic work, partly engraving, and partly carving.

(Dam"as*kin) n. [Cf. F. damasquin, adj., It. damaschino, Sp. damasquino. See Damaskeen.] A sword of Damask steel.

No old Toledo blades or damaskins.

(Da*mas*sé") a. [F. damassé, fr. damas. See Damask.] Woven like damask.n. A damassé fabric, esp. one of linen.

(Dam"as*sin) n. [F., fr. damas. See Damask.] A kind of modified damask or brocade.

(Dam"bo*nite) n. [Cf. F. dambonite.] (Chem.) A white, crystalline, sugary substance obtained from an African caoutchouc.

(Dam"bose) n. (Chem.) A crystalline variety of fruit sugar obtained from dambonite.

3. A heavy woolen or worsted stuff with a pattern woven in the same way as the linen damask; — made for furniture covering and hangings.

4. Damask or Damascus steel; also, the peculiar markings or "water" of such steel.

5. A deep pink or rose color. Fairfax.

(Dam"ask), a.

1. Pertaining to, or originating at, the city of Damascus; resembling the products or manufactures of Damascus.

2. Having the color of the damask rose.

But let concealment, like a worm i' the bud,
Feed on her damask cheek.

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