Pied antelope(Zoöl.), the bontebok.Pied-billed grebe(Zoöl.), the dabchick.Pied blackbird (Zoöl.), any Asiatic thrush of the genus Turdulus.Pied finch(Zoöl.) (a) The chaffinch. (b) The snow bunting. [Prov. Eng.] — Pied flycatcher(Zoöl.), a common European flycatcher The male is black and white.

(Pied"mont) a. [F. pied foot + mont mountain.] (Geol.) Noting the region of foothills near the base of a mountain chain.

(Pied"mont*ite) n. (Min.) A manganesian kind of epidote, from Piedmont. See Epidote.

(Pied"ness) n. The state of being pied. Shak.

Pieceless to Pigmean

(Piece"less), a. Not made of pieces; whole; entire.

(Piece"ly), adv. In pieces; piecemeal. [Obs.]

(Piece"meal`) adv. [OE. pecemele; pece a piece + AS. mlum, dat. pl. of ml part. See Meal a portion.]

1. In pieces; in parts or fragments. "On which it piecemeal brake." Chapman.

The beasts will tear thee piecemeal.

2. Piece by piece; by little and little in succession.

Piecemeal they win, this acre first, than that.

(Piece"meal`), a. Made up of parts or pieces; single; separate. "These piecemeal guilts." Gov. of Tongue.

(Piece"meal`), n. A fragment; a scrap. R. Vaughan.

(Piece"mealed`) a. Divided into pieces.

(Piece"ner) n.

1. One who supplies rolls of wool to the slubbing machine in woolen mills.

2. Same as Piecer, 2.

(Pie"cer) n.

1. One who pieces; a patcher.

2. A child employed in spinning mill to tie together broken threads.

(Piece"work`) n. Work done by the piece or job; work paid for at a rate based on the amount of work done, rather than on the time employed.

The reaping was piecework, at so much per acre.
R. Jefferies.

(Pied) imp. & p. p. of Pi, or Pie, v.

(Pied) a. [From Pie the party- colored bird.] Variegated with spots of different colors; party- colored; spotted; piebald. "Pied coats." Burton. "Meadows trim with daisies pied." Milton.

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