Seidlitz Water to Seraphim

Seidlitz Water Natural mineral water from a spring in the village of Seidlitz, in Bohemia. (See Seltzer .)

Seiks (pron. Seeks). A religious sect in Hindustan, founded in 1500. They profess the purest Deism, and are distinguished from the Hindus by worshipping one invisible god. The word means lion, and was applied to them on account of their heroic resistance to the Moslem. Ultimately they subdued Lahore, and established a military commonwealth in the Punjab, etc.
    In 1849 the Punjab was annexed to the British empire.

Selah in the Psalms. Mattheson, the musical critic, says the word is equivalent to da capo, and is a direction to the choir to repeat the psalm down to the part thus indicated.

Selama or Selemeh. The headland of the Persian Gulf, commonly called Cape Musseldom. The Indians throw cocoanuts, fruits, and flowers into the sea when they pass this cape, to secure a propitious voyage. (Morier.)

“Breezes from the Indian sea
Blow round Selama's sainted cape.”
Moore: Fire Worshippers.
Selene The moon-goddess; sometimes, but improperly, called Diana, as Diana is always called the chaste huntress; but Selene had fifty daughters by Endymion, and several by Zeus, one of whom was called “The Dew” (Erse). Diana is represented with bow and arrow running after the stag; but Selene is represented in a chariot drawn by two white horses; she has wings on her shoulders and a sceptre in her hand

Seleucidae The dynasty of Seleucus. Seleucus succeeded to a part of Alexander's vast empire. The monarchy consisted of Syria, a part of Asia Minor, and all the eastern provinces.

Selim Son of Abdallah and cousin of Zuleika (3 syl.). When Giaffir (2 syl.) murdered Abdallah, he took Selim and brought him up as his own son. The young man fell in love with Zuleika, who thought he was her brother; but when she discovered he was Abdallah's son, she promised to be his bride, and eloped with him. As soon as Giaffir discovered this he went after the fugitives, and shot Selim. Zuleika killed herself, and the old pacha was left childless. The character of Selim is bold, enterprising, and truthful. (Byron: Bride of Abydos.)
   Selim (son of Akbar). The name of Jehanguire, before his accession to the throne. He married Nourmahal' (the Light of the Harem). (See Nourmahal).

Seljuks A Perso-Turkish dynasty which gave eleven kings and lasted 138 years (1056-1194). It was founded by Togrul Beg, a descendant of Seljuk, chief of a small tribe which gained possession of Bokara.

Sell A saddle. “Vaulting ambition ... o'erleaps its sell” (Macbeth, i. 7). (Latin, sella; French, selle.) Window sill is the Anglo-Saxon syl (a basement).

“He left his loftie steed with golden sell.”
Spenser: Faërie Queene, ii. 2.
   Sell, sold. Made a captive, as a purchased slave. St. Paul says he was “sold under sin” (Rom. vii. 14), (Anglo-Saxon, sell-an, to give.)
   A sell. A “do,” a deception, a “take in.” Street vendors who take in the unwary with catchpennies, chuckle like hens when they have laid an egg, “Sold again, and got the money!”

Selling Race (A), in which horses to be sold are run. These horses must have the sale price ticketed. The winner is generally sold by auction, and the owner gets both the selling price and the stakes. If at the auction a price is obtained above the ticketed price it is divided between the second-best horse and the race-fund. (See Handicap, Sweepstakes, Plate, Weight-For-Age Race .)
   The owner of any of the horses may claim any horse in a selling race at the price ticketed.

Selling the Pass This is a phrase, very general in all Ireland, applied to those who turn queen's or king's evidence, or who impeach their comrades for money. The tradition is that a regiment of soldiers was sent by Crotha, “lord of Atha,” to hold a pass against the invading army of Trathal, “King of Cael.” The pass was betrayed for money. The Fir-bolgs being subdued, Trathal assumed the title of “King of Ireland.”

Seltzer Water A corruption of Selters Water; so called from the Lower Selters, near Limburg (Nassau).

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