Table of contents
S to Sack  
Sack Race to Saga  
Sagan of Jerusalem to St. Monday  
St. Simonism to Saliens  
Salient Angles to Salt on His Tail  
Saltarello to Samson  
Samson Carrasco to Sandwich  
Sandwichman to Sapphics  
Sappho of Toulouse to Saturn's Tree  
Saturnalia to Sawdust Parlance  
Sawny to Scapegoat  
Scaphism to Schoolmen  
Schoolmistress to Scotch Breakfast  
Scotch Mist to Screw Plot  
Screwed to Sea Deities  
Sea-girt Isle to Seian Horse  
Seidlitz Water to Seraphim  
Serapis to Set Off  
Set Scene to Seven Weeks' War  
Seven Wise Masters to Shatton  
Shah to Shandy  
Shandygaff to Shells  
Shemitic to Shingebis  
Ship to Shoe  
Shoe-loosed to Shot in the Locker  
Shot Window to Sibylline Leaves  
Sibylline Verses to Significavit  
Siguna to Silver Wedding  
Silver of Guthrum to Sing Old Rose  
Sing Out to Six  
Six-and-Eightpence to Skimmington  
Skin to Slave  
Sleave to Slubber-Degullion  
Slug-abed to Snakes in his Boots  
Snap-Dragons to Societe de Momus  
Society to Soldats  
Soldier to Song  
Song of Degrees to Soul Cakes  
Soul and Spirit to Speaking  
Speaking Heads to Spheres  
Sphinx to Spirited Away  
Spiritual Mother to Spread-eagle Oratory  
Spring Gardens to Stagirite  
Stain to Stank Hen  
Stannary Courts to Steeplechase  
Stelvio to Still Waters Run Deep  
Stilling to Stone Jug  
Stone Soup to Stops  
Store to Straw  
Strawberry to Stump Orator  
Stump Up to Sucre  
Suds to Sun and Moon Falling  
Sun in one's Eyes to Swaddler  
Swag to Sweepstakes  
Sweet to Sword-makers  
Sword Excalibar to Sylvester  
Sylvius Bonus to Syrtis


  By PanEris using Melati.

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