Jacobites to Jane

Jacobites (3 syl.). The partisans of James II. (when William III. superseded him), his son, and grandson.
   Jacobites, nicknamed Warming-pans. It is said that Mary d'Este, the wife of James II., never had a living child, but that on one occasion a child, introduced to her bedroom in a warming-pan, was substituted for her dead infant. This "warming-pan child" was the Pretender. Such is the tale, the truth is quite another matter.
   Jacobites. An Oriental sect of Monophysites, so called from Jacobus Baradæus (Jacoub Al-Baradei), Bishop of Edessa, in Syria, in the sixth century.

Jacobus A gold coin of the value of 25s., struck in the reign of James I.

Jacquard Loom So called from Jos. Marie Jacquard, of Lyons, who invented this ingenious device for weaving figures upon silks and muslins. (1752-1834.)

Jacqueline (of Paris). A bell weighing 15,000 lbs., cast in 1400.

Jacquerie (La). An insurrection of the peasantry of France in 1358, excited by the oppressions of the privileged classes and Charles the Bad of Navarre, while King Jean was a prisoner in England. When the peasants complained, and asked who was to redress their grievances, they were told in scorn Jacques Bonhomme (Johnny Goodman), i.e. no one. At length a leader appeared, called himself Jacques Bonhomme, and declared war to the death against every gentleman in France. In six weeks some 12,000 of these insurgents were cut down, and amongst their number was the leader himself. (See Jack, Jacques.)

Jacques A generic name for the poor artisan class in France. Jacques is a sort of cotton waistcoat without sleeves.

"Jacques, il me faut troubler ton somme;
Dans le village, un gros huissier
Röde et court, suivi du messier:
Cest pour l'impôt, las! mon pauvre homme.
Lève-toi, Jacques, lève-toi,
Voici venir l'huissier du roi."
Beranger (1831).
   Pauvre Jacques. Said to a maiden when she is lackadaisical (French). Marie Antoinette had at the Little Trianon an artificial Swiss village, which she called her "Petite Suisse, " and actually sent to Switzerland for a peasant girl to assist in milking the cows. The Swiss maiden was one day overheard sighing for "Pauvre Jacques, " and the queen sent for the distant swain, and had the lovers married. To finish this absurd romance, the Marchioness de Travanet wrote an ode on the event, which was for a time wonderfully popular.

"Pauvre Jacques, quand j'etais prés de toi,
Je ne sentais pas ma misere:
Mais a présent que tu vis loin de mol.
Je manque de tout sur la terre."
Marquise de Travanet.
Jacques Bonhomme A sort of fairy good-luck, who is to redress all wrongs, and make all the poor wealthy. The French peasants are so called sometimes, and then the phrase is like our term of sneering pity, "my good fellow," or "my fine fellow." (See Jacques.)

Jactitation of Marriage A false assertion by a person of being married to another. This is actionable.

Jade or The Divine Stone. Worn by the Indians as an amulet to preserve them from the bite of venomous animals, and to cure the gravel, epilepsy, etc. (Hill.)

"The conversation was interspersed by continual cups of tea drunk out of the most beautiful Chinese- ware, while the Ambar's cup was of a green jade." - Bonvalot: Across Thibet, chap. x.p. 252.
Jade A worthless horse. An old woman (used in contempt). A young woman (not necessarily contemptuous).

Jaffier (3 syl.), in Venice Preserved, a tragedy by Otway. He joins the conspiracy of Pierre against the Venetian state, but communicates the secret to his wife Belvidera. Belvidera, being the daughter of a senator, is naturally anxious to save the life of Priuli, her father, and accordingly induces her husband to disclose the plot, under promise of pardon to all the conspirators. The plot being revealed, the senate condemned the conspirators to death; whereupon Jaffier stabbed Pierre to prevent his being broken on the wheel, and then stabbed himself.

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