Cobalt to Cock Lane Ghost

Cobalt From the German Kobold (a gnome). The demon of mines. This metal was so called by miners, because it was long thought to be useless and troublesome. It was consequently attributed to the ill offices of the mine demon.

Cobbler A drink made of wine (sherry), sugar, lemon, and ice. It is sipped up through a straw. (See Cobbler's Punch )

“This wonderful invention, sir, ... is called cobbler,- Sherry cobbler, when you name it long; cobbler when you name it short.”- Dickens: Marten Chuzzlewit, xvii.

Cobbler Let not the cobbler overstep his last (Ne sutor ultra crepidam). Let no one presume to interfere in matters of which he is ignorant. The tale goes that a cobbler detected a fault in the shoe-latchet of one of Apelles' paintings, and the artist rectified the fault. The cobbler, thinking himself very wise, next ventured to criticise the legs; but Apelles answered, “Keep to your trade”- you understand about shoes, but not about anatomy.

Cobbler Poet (The). Hans Sachs of Nuremberg, prince of the mastersingers of Germany (1494-1574).

Cobbler's Punch Gin and water, with a little treacle and vinegar.

Cobbler's Toast School-boys' bread and butter, toasted on the dry side and eaten hot.

Cobham referred to by Thomson in his Autumn, was Sir Richard Temple, created Lord Cobham in 1714.

Cob-nut A nut with a tuft. (Welsh, cob or cop, a tuft; German, kopf, the head.)

Coburgs A corded or ribbed cotton cloth made in Coburg (Saxony), or in imitation thereof. Chiefly used for ladies' dresses.

Cobweb Cob, Teutonic for “spider.” Dutch, spinnckop; Saxon, attercop (poisonous spider); Chaldee, kopi (spider's web).

Cock Mahomet found in the first heaven a cock of such enormous size that its crest touched the second heaven. The crowing of this celestial bird arouses every living creature from sleep except man. The Moslem doctors say that Allah lends a willing ear to him who reads the Koran, to him who prays for pardon, and to the cock whose chant is divine melody. When this cock ceases to crow, the day of judgment will be at hand.
   Cock. Dedicated to Apollo, the sun-god, because it gives notice of the rising of the sun. It was dedicated to Mercury, because it summons men to business by its crowing. And to Æsculapius, because “early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy.”
   A cock on church spires is to remind men not to deny their Lord as Peter did, but when the cock crew he “went out and wept bitterly.” Peter Le Neve affirms that a cock was the warlike ensign of the Goths, and therefore used in Gothic churches for ornament.
   Every cock crows on its own dunghill, or Ilka cock crows on his own midden. It is easy to brag of your deeds in your own castle when safe from danger and not likely to be put to the proof.
   Latin: Gallus in suo sterquilinio plurimum potest.
   French: Chien sur son fumier est hardi.
   Spanish: Cada Galla canta en su muladar.
   Nourish a cock, but offer it not in sacrifice. This is the eighteenth Symbolic Saying in the Protreptics of Iamblichus. The cock was sacred to Minerva, and also to the Sun and Moon, and it would be impious to offer a sacrilegious offering to the gods. What is already consecrated to God cannot be employed in sacrifice.
   That cock won't fight. That dodge wouldn't answer; that tale won't wash. Of course, the allusion is to fighting cocks. A bet is made on a favourite cock, but when pitted he refuses to fight.
   To cry cock. To claim the victory; to assert oneself to be the superior. As a cock of the walk is the chief or ruler of the whole walk, so to cry cock is to claim this cockship.

Cock and Bottle A public-house sign, meaning draught and bottled ale may be had on the premises. The “cock” here means the tap. It does not mean “The Cork and Bottle.”

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