Angelica's Draught to Animals

Angelica's Draught something which completely changes affection. The tale is that Angelica was passionately in love with Rinaldo, who hated her, whereas Orlando, whom she hated, actually adored her shadow. Angelica and Rinaldo drink from a certain fountain, when a complete change takes place; Rinaldo is drunk with love, and Angelica's passion changes to abhorrence. Angelica ultimately married Medoro, and Orlando went mad. (Ariosto: Orlando Furioso.)

Angelical Stone The speculum of Dr. Dee. He asserted that it was given him by the angels Raphael and Gabriel. It passed into the possession of the Earl of Peterborough, thence to Lady Betty Germaine, by whom it was given to the Duke of Argyll, whose son presented it to Horace Walpole. It was sold in 1842, at the dispersion of the curiosities of Strawberry Hill.

Angelici Certain heretics of the second century, who advocated the worship of angels.

Angelites (3 syl.) A branch of the Sabellian heretics; so called from Angelius, in Alexandria, where they used to meet. (Dr. Hook: Church Dictionary.)

Angelo (See Michael Angelo .)

Angelo and Raffaelle Michael Angelo criticised Raffaelle very severely.

"Such was the language of this false Italian [Angelo]:
One time he christened Raphael a Pygmalion,
Swore that his maidens were composed of stone:
Swore his expressions were like owls, so tame,
His drawings, like the lamest cripple, lame;
And as for composition, he had none." Peter Pindar: Lyric Odes, viii.

(See Michael Angelo.)

Angelus (The) A Roman Catholic devotion in honour of the Incarnation, instituted by Urban II. It consists of three texts, each said as versicle and response, and followed by the salutation of Gabriel. The name is derived from the first words, Angelus Domini (The angel of the Lord, etc.).

The prayer is recited three times a day, generally about 6 a.m., at noon, and about 6 p.m., at the sound of a bell called the Angelus.

The Angelus bell (often wrongly called the Curfew) is still rung at 8 P.M. in some country churches.

"Sweetly over the village the bell of the Angelus sounded."
Longfellow: Evangeline.

Anger Athenodorus, the Stoic, told Augustus the best way to restrain unruly anger was to repeat the alphabet before giving way to it. (See Danger.)

"The sacred line he did but once repeat,
And laid the storm, and cooled the raging heat."
Tickell: The Horn Book.

Angevin adjective of Anjou.

John was not the last of the Angevin kings of England, though he was the last king of England who reigned over Anjou.

Angiolina (4 syl.) The young wife of Marino Faliero, the doge. She was the daughter of Loredano. (Byron: Marino Falero.)

Anglantes Lord Orlando, who was Lord of Anglant and knight of Brava.

Angle A dead angle. A term in fortification applied to the plot of earth before an angle in a wall which can neither be seen nor defended from the parapet.

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