Animosity to Anthony

Animosity means animation, spirit, as the fire of a horse, called in Latin equi animositas. Its present exclusive use in a bad sense is an instance of the tendency which words originally neutral have to assume a bad meaning. (Compare churl, villain.)


"Animula, vagula, blandula,
Hospes, comesque, corporis;
Quæ nunc abibis in loca,
Pallidula, rigida, nudula?"
The Emperor Hadrian to his Soul.

Sorry-lived, blithe-little, fluttering Sprite
Comrade and guest in this body of clay,
Whither, ah! whither, departing in flight,
Rigid, half-naked, pale minion, away?

Anna (Donna). A lady beloved by Don Ottavio, but seduced by Don Giovanni, who also killed her father, the "Commandant of the City," in a duel. (Mozart's opera of Don Giovanni.)

Annabel in Dryden's satire of Absalom and Achitophel is designed for the Duchess of Monmouth. Her maiden name and title were Anne Scott, Countess of Buccleuch, the richest heiress in Europe. The duke was faithless to her, and after his death, the widow, still handsome, married again.

"To all his [Monmouth's] wishes, nothing he [David] denied;
And made the charming Annabel his bride."
Part i. lines 33, 34.

Anna Matilda (An), an ultra-sentimental girl. Mrs. Hannah Cowley used this pen-name in her responses in the World to Della Crusca (R. Merry). (See the Baviad by Gifford.)

Annates (2 syl.). One entire year's income claimed by the Pope on the appointment of a bishop or other ecclesiastic in the Catholic Church. This is called the first fruits (Latin, annus, a year). By the Statute of Recusants (25 Hen. VIII. c. 20, and the Confirming Act), the right to English Annates and Tenths was transferred to the Crown; but, in the reign of Queen Anne, annates were given up to form a fund for the augmentation of poor livings. (See Bounty, Queen Anne's.)

Anne Sister Anne. Sister of Fatima, the seventh and last of Bluebeard's wives.

Anne's Fan (Queen). Your thumb to your nose and your fingers spread.

Anne's Great Captain The Duke of Marlborough (1650--1722).

Annie Laurie was eldest of the three daughters of Sir Robert Laurie of Maxwellton, born December 16, 1682. William Douglas, of Fingland (Kirkcudbright), wrote the popular song, but Annie married, in 1709, James Fergusson, of Craigdarroch, and was the mother of Alexander Fergusson, the hero of Burns's song called The Whistle.

William Douglas was the hero or the song "Willie was a wanton wag."

Annulo Dei figuram ne gestato (In). Wear not God's image in a ring (or inscribe....), the 24th symbol of the Protretics. Jamblicus tells us that Pythagoras wished to teach by this prohibition that God had an "incorporeal subsistence." In fact, that it meant "thou shalt not liken God to any of His works."

Probably the ring, symbolising eternity, bore upon the special prohibition.
Annunciation Day of the Annunciation. The 25th of March, also called Lady Day, on which the angel announced to the Virgin Mary that she would be the mother of the Messiah.

Annus Luctus the period during which a widow is morally supposed to remain chaste. If she marries within about nine months from the death of her late husband and a child is born, a doubt might arise as to the paternity of the child. Such a marriage is not illegal, but it is inexpedient.

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