Mezentius to Midden

Mezentius king of the Tyrrhenians, noted for his cruelties and impiety. He was driven from his throne by his subjects, and fled to Turnus, King of the Rutuli. When Æneas arrived he fought with Mezentius, and slew both him and his son Lausus. Mezentius put his subjects to death by tying a living man to a dead one.

“He stretches out the arm of Mezentius, and fetters the dead to the living.”- C. Brontë: Shirley, chap. xxxi.

“This is like Mezentius in Virgil. ... Such critics are like dead coals; they may blacken, but cannot burn.”- Broom: Preface to Poems.
Mezzo Relievo Moderate relief (Italian). This is applied to figures which project more than those of basso relievo (q.v.), but less than those of alto relievo (q.v.).

Mezzo Tinto (Italian, medium tint). So engravings in imitation of Indian-ink drawings are called.

Mezzoramia An earthly paradise somewhere in Africa, but accessible by only one narrow road. Gaudentio di Lucca discovered this secret road, and resided in this paradise for twenty-five years. (Simon Berington: Gaudentio di Lucca.)

Micah Rood's Apples Apples with a spot of red (like blood) in the heart. Micah Rood was a prosperous farmer at Franklin. In 1693 a pedlar with jewellery called at his house, and next day was found murdered under an apple-tree in Rood's orchard. The crime was never brought home to the farmer, but next autumn all the apples of the fatal tree bore inside a red blood-spot, called “Micah Rood's Curse,” and the farmer died soon afterwards.

Micawber (Mr. Wilkins). A great speechifier and letter-writer, projector of bubble schemes sure to lead to fortune, but always ending in grief. Notwithstanding his ill success, he never despaired, but felt certain that something would “turn up” to make his fortune. Having failed in every adventure in the old country, he emigrated to Australia, where he became a magnate. (Dickens: David Copperfield.)

Micawberism Conduct similar to that of Mr. Micawber's. (See above.)

Michael Prince of the celestial armies, commanded by God to drive the rebel angels out of heaven. Gabriel was next to him in command. (See Seven Spirits .)
   Longfellow, in his Golden Legend, says he is the presiding spirit of the planet Mercury, and brings to man the gift of prudence.

“The planet Mercury, whose place
Is nearest to the sun in space.
Is my allotted sphere;
And with celestial ardour swift
I bear upon my hands the gift
Of heavenly prudence here.”
The Miracle Play. iii.
   St. Michael, in Christian art, is sometimes depicted as a beautiful young man with severe countenance, winged, and either clad in white or armour, bearing a lance and shield, with which he combats a dragon. In the final judgment he is represented with scales, in which he weighs the souls of the risen dead.
   St. Michael's chair. It is said that any woman who has sat on St. Michael's chair, Cornwall, will rule the roost as long as she lives.

Michael Angelo The celebrated painter, born 1474, died 1563. The Michael-Angelo of battle-scenes. Michael-Angelo Cerquozzi, a native of Rome, famous for his battle-scenes and shipwrecks. (1600-1660.)
   Michel- Ange des Bamboches. Peter van Laar. the Dutch painter. (1613-1673.)
   Michael-Angelo of music. Johann Christoph von Gluck, the German musical composer. (1714-1787.)
   Michael-Angelo of sculptors. Pierre Puget, the French sculptor (1623-1694). Also Réné Michael Slodtz (1705-1764).

Michaelmas Day September 29th, one of the quarter-days when rents are paid, and the day when magistrates are elected. Michael the archangel is represented in the Bible as the general of the celestial host, and as such Milton represents him. September 29th is dedicated to Michael and All Angels, and as magistrates were once considered “angels” or their representatives, they were chosen on the day of “All Angels.”

“I saw another sign in heaven ... seven angels [magistrates, or executors of God's judgments], having the seven last plagues ... filled with the wrath of God.” (Rev. xv. 1.) Those ministers of religion who

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