Sophia Primrose, the second daughter of Dr. Primrose. She was “soft, modest, and alluring.” Not like her sister, desirous of winning all, but fixing her whole heart upon one. Being thrown from her horse into a deep stream, she was rescued by Mr. Burchell (alias sir William Thornhill), and being abducted, was again rescued by him. She married him at last.—Goldsmith: Vicar of Wakefield (1766).

(Sir William was the uncle of squire Thornhill, ch. xxiii.)

Primum Mobile (The), a sphere supposed at one time to revolve in twenty-four hours from east to west, carrying with it the planets and fixed stars.

Here is the goal whence motion on his race
Starts; motionless the centre, and the rest
All moved around. Except the soul divine,
Place in this heaven hath none …
Measured itself by none, it doth divide
Motion to all.

Dante: Paradise, xxvii. (1311).

Prince of Alchemy, Rudolph II. kaiser of Germany; also called “The German Trismegistus” (1552, 1576–1612).

Prince of Angels, Michael.

So spake the prince of angels. To whom thus
The Adversary [i.e. Satan].

Milton: Paradise Lost, vi. 281 (1665).

Prince of Celestial Armies, Michael the archangel.

Go, Michael, of celestial armies prince.

Milton: Paradise Lost, vi. 44 (1665).

Prince of Darkness, Satan (Eph. vi. 12). (See Darkness, p. 261.)

Whom thus the prince of darkness answered glad:
“Fair daughter,
High proof ye now have given to be the race
Of Satan (I glory in the name).”

Milton: Paradise Lost, x. 383 (1665).

Prince of Hell, Satan.

And with them comes a third of regal port,
But faded splendour wan; who by his gait
And fierce demeanour seems the prince of Hell.

Milton: Paradise Lost, iv. 863 (1665).

Prince of Life, a title given to Christ (Acts iii. 15).

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