Table of contents
P to Pagan  
Page to Paladore  
Palamedes to Palmyra of the Deccan  
Palmyrene to Pandolf  
Pandolfe to Panurge  
Panyer’s Alley to Paradise Lost  
Paradise Regained to Paris in France  
Paris Garden to Parson Adams  
Parson Balwhidder to Passe-Lourdaud  
Passelyon to Patrick  
Patriot King to Peace of Antalcidas  
Peace of God to Peeler  
Peelers to Pelican Island  
Pelides to Penelope’s Web  
Penelophon to Pepys’s Diary  
Perceforest to Peregrine  
Peregrine Pickle to Periwinkle  
Perker to Pétaud  
Petella to Petulant  
Peu-à-Peu to Pharaoh  
Pharaoh’s Daughter to Philinte  
Philip to Philostrate  
Philotas to Phunky  
Phyllis to Picrochole’s Counsellors  
Picts to Pietro  
Pietro of Abano to Pilot  
Pilot that Weathered the Storm to Piper  
Piper of Hamelin to Pixie-Stools  
Pizarro to Platonic Bodies  
Platonic Love to Plon-Plon  
Plornish to Pocket  
Podgers to Poisoners  
Polexandre to POLYDORE  
Polydore to Poinposus  
Ponce de Léon to Popes  
Popish Plot to Posthumus  
Potage to P. R. B  
Pre-Adamite Kings to Prester John  
Preston to Prince of Life  
Prince of Peace to Prisoner of Chillon  
Prisoner of State to Prophet  
Prophet Elm to Provis  
Provoked Husband to Psycarpax  
Psyche to Pumpkin  
Pun to Pygmalion  
Pygmy to Python  

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