L. N. R., initialism of Mrs. Raynard, authoress of The Book and Its Story, The Missing Link, etc. Died 1879.

Loathly Lady (The), a hideous creature, whom sir Gawain marries, and who immediately becomes a most beautiful woman.—The Marriage of Sir Gawain (a ballad).

The walls…were clothed with grim old tapestry, representing the memorable story of sir Gawain’s wedding…with the Loathly Lady.—Sir IV. Scott.

Lobaba, one of the sorcerers in the caverns of Dom-Daniel, “under the roots of the ocean.” These spirits were destined to be destroyed by one of the race of Hodeirah, and, therefore, they persecuted the whole of that race even to death. (For the sequel of the tale, see Mohareb.)—Southey: Thalaba the Destroyer (1797).

Local Designations and Lancashire Manufactures, etc.

Ashn [Ashton-under-Lyne], fellows or fellys.

Bowton [Bolton], Billy or trotters.

Bowden [Cheshire], downs (i.e. potatoes).

Bury, muffers.

Bury, cymblins.

Cheadle, swingers (a peculiar coat).

Congleton, points.

Eccles, cakes.

Everton, toffeys.

Glasgow, callons.

Gorton, bull-dogs.

Liverpool, gentlemen.

London, gents.

Manchester, men.

Manchester, cottons.

Middleton, moones.

Nottingham, lambs.

Ormskirk, gingerbread.

Owdan [Oldham], chaps.

Paisley, bodies.

Radcliffe, napers.

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