Boaz and Jachin to Bold Stroke for a Wife

Boaz and Jachin, two brazen pillars, which were set up by Solomon at the entrance of the temple built by him. Boaz, which means “strength,” was on the left hand, and Fachin, which means “stability,” on the right.—1 Kings vii. 21.

(The names of these two pillars are adopted in the craft called “Free Masonry.”)

Bobadil (Captain), an ignorant, clever, shallow bully, thoroughly cowardly, but thought by his dupes to be an amazing hero. He lodged with Cob (the water-carrier) and his wife Tib. Master Stephen was greatly struck with his “dainty oaths,” such as “By the foot of Pharaoh!” “Body of Cæsar!” “As I am a gentleman and a soldier!” His device to save the expense of a standing army is inimitable for its conceit and absurdity—

“I would select 19 more to myself throughout the land; gentlemen they should be, of a good spirit and able constitution. I would choose them by an instinct, … and I would teach them the special rules … till they could play [fence] very near as well as myself. This done, say the enemy were 40,000 strong, we 20 would … challenge 20 of the enemy; … kill them; challenge 20 more, kill them; 20 more, kill them too; … every man his 10 a day, that’s 10 score … 200 a day; five days, a thousand; 40,000, 40 times 5, 200 days; kill them all.”—Ben Fonson; Every Man in His Humour, iv. 7 (1598).

Since his [Henry Woodward, 1717–1777] time the part of “Bobadil” has never been justly performed. It may be said to have died with him.—Dr. Deran.

The name was probably suggested by Bobadilla first governor of Cuba, who superseded Columbus sent home in chains on a most frivolous charge. Similar characters are “Metamore” and “Scaramouch” (Molière); “Parollês” and “Pistol” (Shakespeare); “Bessus” (Beaumont and Fletcher). (See also Basilisco, Boroughcliff, Captain Brazen, Captain Noll Bluff, Sir Petronel Flash, Sacripant, Vincent De La Rose, etc.)

Bodach Glay or “Grey Spectre. A house-demon of the Scotch, similar to the Irish benshee.

Bodkin. Hamlet says a man may “his quietus make with a bare bodkin.” Chaucer uses “bodkin” for a dagger (p. 165); but the nut-brown maid killed her rival with a “bodkin from her headgear.” (See Lord Thomas.)

Bodleian Library (The), Oxford, founded by sir Thomas Bodley in 1597.

Bœmond, the Christian king of Antioch, who tried to teach his subjects arts, law, and religion, He was of the Norman race, Rogero’s brother, and son of Roberto Guiscardo.—Tasso: Jerusalem Delivered (1575).

Bœotian Ears, ears unable to appreciate music and rhetoric. Bœotia was laughed at by the Athenians for the dulness and stupidity of its inhabitants.

“This is having taste and sentiment. Well, friend, I assure thee thou hast not got Bœotian ears” [because he praised certain extracts read to him by an author].—Lesage: Gil Blas, vii. 3 (1715).

Bœuf (Front de), a gigantic ferocious follower of prince John.—Sir W. Scott: Ivanhoe (time, Richard I.).

Boffin (Nicodemus), “the golden dustman,” foreman of old John Harmon, dustman and miser. He was “a broad, round-shouldered, one-sided old fellow, whose face was of the rhinoceros build, with over- lapping ears.” A kind, shrewd man was Mr. Boffin, devoted to his wife, whom he greatly admired. Being residuary legatee of John Harmon, dustman, he came in for £100,000. Afterwards, John Harmon, the son, being discovered, Mr. Boffin surrendered the property to him, and lived with him.

Mrs. Boffin, wife of Mr. N. Boffin, and daughter of a cat’s-meat man. She was a fat, smiling, good-tempered creature, the servant of old John Harmon, dustman and miser, and very kind to the miser’s son (young John Harmon). After Mr. Boffin came into his fortune she became “a high flyer at fashion,” wore black velvet and sable, but retained her kindness of heart and love for her husband. She was devoted to Bella

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