Table of contents
Baal to Badger  
Badinguet to Baker  
Balaam to Balisarda  
Baliverso to Bandy-legged  
Bane of the Land to Bard of Avon  
Bards to Barnaby  
Barnaby to Baruch  
Barzillai to Batavia  
Bates to Battles  
Battle to Bean Lean  
BEAR to Beauty  
Beauty and the Beast to Bees  
Beefington to Belfield  
Belford to Bells  
Bells tolled Backwards to Bellerophon  
Bellerophon to Benedick  
Benefit-Play to Berinthia  
Berkeley to Bertoldo’s Son  
BERTRAM to Betrothed  
Better to Reign in Hell than Serve in Heaven to Bible in Spain  
Biblia Sauperum to Binks  
Bion to Bishops  
Bishop Middleham to Black Thursday  
Blacks to Bleak House  
Bleeding-heart Yard to Blood-Bath  
Bloods to Blue Beard  
Blue Flag to Boating Colours  
Boaz and Jachin to Bold Stroke for a Wife  
Bolga to Booby  
Book of Martyrs to Bors  
Bortell to Boustrapa  
Bow Church to Bradamant  
Bradbourne to Brandan  
Brandan to Brechan  
Breck to Bridgenorth  
BRIDGET to Britannia  
Britannia Redivivus to Brothers  
Brougham’s Plaid Trousers to Brunello  
Brunenburg to Brutus and Cicero  
Bryce’s Day to Bull  
Bull-dog to Burbon  
Burchell to Byron and the Edinburgh Review  

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