(Adjectives). Dark, unenlightened, obscure, darksome, tenebrous, tenebrific, rayless, beamless, sunless, pitch-dark, pitchy, Stygian, Cimmerian, darkling.

    Sombre, dusky, unilluminated, unillumined, unlit, unsunned, nocturnal, dingy, lurid, overcast, cloudy, murky, murksome, shady, shadowy, umbrageous.

    (Phrases). Dark as pitch; dark as a pit; dark as Erebus; darkness visible; the palpable obscure.

  • Dimness (Substantives), paleness, glimmer, glimmering, owl-light, nebulousness, nebulosity, nebula, cloud, film, mist, haze, fog, smoke, haziness, eclipse, dusk, cloudiness, dawn, aurora, twilight, crepuscule, gloaming, half-light, moonlight.
  • (Verbs). To be dim, etc., to glimmer, loom, lour, twinkle.

    To grow dim, to pale, to render dim, to dim, obscure, pale.

    (Adjectives). Dim, dull, lacklustre, dingy, darkish, glassy, faint, confused.

    (Phrase). Shorn of its beams.

    Cloudy, misty, hazy, foggy, brumous, muggy, fuliginous, nebulous, lowering, overcast, crepuscular, muddy, lurid, looming.

  • Source of light, self-luminous body.
  • Luminary (Substantives), sun, Phœbus, star, orb, meteor, galaxy, constellation, blazing star, glow-worm, fire-fly.

    Artificial light, flame, gas-light, incandescent gas - light, electric light, limelight, acetylene, torch, candle, flash-light, flambeau, link, light, taper, lamp, arc lamp, lantern (or lanthorn), rush-light, farthing rushlight, night-light, firework, rocket, blue lights, fizgig, bude light, flare.

    Chandelier, candelabra, girandole, lustre, sconce, gas-bracket, gas-jet, gas-burner, batswing.

    Lighthouse, pharos, beacon, watch-fire, cresset, brand.

    (Adjectives). Self-luminous, phosphoric, phosphorescent.

  • Shade (Substantives), screen, curtain, veil, mantle, mask, gauze, blind, cloud, mist.
  • A shadow, chiaroscuro, umbrage, penumbra.

    (Adjectives). Shady, umbrageous, etc.

  • Transparency (Substantives), pellucidity, diaphaneity, translucency, lucidity, limpidity, clarity.
  • Glass, crystal, lymph, water.

    (Verbs). To be transparent, etc., to transmit light.

    (Adjectives). Transparent, pellucid, diaphanous, translucent, relucent, limpid, clear, crystalline, vitreous, transpicuous, glassy, hyaline.

    (Phrase). Clear as crystal.

  • Opacity (Substantives), thickness, opaqueness, turbidity, turbidness, muddiness.
  • Cloud, film, haze.

    (Verbs). To be opaque, etc., not to transmit, to obstruct the passage of light.

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