Performance, execution, technique, touch, expression, tone-colour, rendering, interpretation; voice-production, bel canto; embouchure, lipping, bowing.

    Concert, recital, performance, ballad-concert, etc., singsong.

    Minstrelsy, musicianship, musicality, musicalness, an ear for music; composition, composing, orchestration, scoring, filling in the parts.

    Apollo, the Muses, Erato, Euterpe, Terpsichore.

    (Verbs). To play, fiddle, bow, strike, strike up, thrum, strum, grind, touch, tweedle, scrape, blow, pipe, tootle, blare, etc.; to execute, perform, render, interpret, conduct, accompany, vamp, arrange, prelude, improvise 612.

    To sing, chant, vocalise, warble, carol, troll, hum, croon, chirp, chirrup, twitter, quaver, trill, shake, whistle, yodel.

    To compose, set to music, score, harmonise, orchestrate.

    To put in tune, tune, attune, accord, string, pitch.

    (Adjectives). Musical, harmonious, etc. 413, instrumental, orchestral, pianistic, vocal, choral, operatic, etc.; musicianly, having a good ear.

    (Phrase). Fanatico per la musica.

    (Adverbs). Adagio, largo, larghetto, andante, andantino, maestoso, moderato, allegretto, con moto, vivace, veloce, allegro, presto, prestissimo, strepitoso, etc.; scherzando, legato, staccato, crescendo, diminuendo, morendo, sostenuto, sforzando, accelerando, stringendo, più mosso, meno mosso, allargando, rallentando, ritenuto, a piacere, etc.; arpeggiando, pizzicato, glissando, martellato, da capo.

  • Musician (Substantives), minstrel, performer, player, soloist, virtuoso, maestro.
  • Organist, pianist, violinist, fiddler, 'cellist, harper, harpist, flautist, fifer, clarinettist, trombonist, etc., trumpeter, bugler, piper, drummer, timpanist; campanologist; band, orchestra, brass band, military band, string band, etc., waits; conductor, bandmaster, leader, chef d'orchestre, etc., accompanist.

    Vocalist, singer, songster, songstress, chanter, chantress, cantatrice, lieder-singer, ballad-singer, etc.; troubadour, minnesinger, gleeman; nightingale, Philomel, thrush, throstle, Orpheus.

    Chorus, choir.

    (Phrase). The tuneful Nine.

  • Musical Instruments.
  • 1. Stringed instruments: Monochord, polychord, harp, lyre, lute, theorbo, mandolin, guitar, gittern, cithern, banjo, balalaika, etc.

    Violin, fiddle, Cremona, Stradivarius (or Strad), kit, viola (or tenor), violoncello (or 'cello), double-bass (or bass-viol), viol, viola d'amore, viola da gamba, violone, rebeck, psaltery, etc.

    Pianoforte (or piano), harpsichord, clavier, clavichord, clavicembalo, spinet, cembalo, virginal, zither, dulcimer, etc.

    2. Wind instruments: Organ, siren, pipe, pitch-pipe, Pan-pipes; piccolo, flute, bass-flute, oboe (or hautboy), oboe d'amore, cor anglais, clarinet, basset-horn, bass-clarinet, bassoon, double-bassoon, saxophone, horn, French horn, tuba, trumpet, cornet, cornet-à-piston, trombone, euphonium; fife, flageolet, whistle,

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