Worst to Wroth
Table of contents
Worst are sure to mendWretched have no friends
    for when at    in both
    inn’s worst room    soul
    things at the worstWretches hang
Worth afflictedWren I love this
    in any thingWrinkle on the brow
    littleWrite a chapter on sleep
    makes the man    a duodecimo
    no more than ’twas    and read
    no worse a place    and spell baith
    poets    benefits
    retire to peace    lived to
    ship load of    me down
    slow rises    shame to
    than ’twas    the vision
Wound deep as a well    to comes by nature
    my honourWrites amiss
    power to    well
    the privateWriting and reading
    wide as church door    an exact man
    willing to    as in living well
Wounded to die    comes from art
Wounds are mortal    or in judging ill
    captains    well
    heal by degreesWritten a book
    of deadly hate    hand
Wrangle at the barWrong both in the
Wrangler mother eyes the    done the
Wranglers a group of    me not
Wrapt in a gown    pocket up
Wrath measure of my    sow by the ear
    nursing her    you are in the
Wreath a rosyWrong’d me, Master Page
Wreck brave theWrongs engrave
    of matterWroth with one we love
Wretch, condemned
    or happy

  By PanEris using Melati.

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