Grocott's Quotations - Alpha
Aaron's to Arise
Ark to Azure
Babe to Billet
Bind to Brag
Brain to By
CAEsar to Choice
Choose to Content
Contented to Cypher
Dagger to Defect
Defences to Divine
Divinity to Dying
Each to Ethiopian
Europe to Eyes
Fabric to Faults
Favour to Folly
Follies to Front
Frosty to Future
Gain to Gold
Golden to Gushing
Habit to Heels
Hell to Hour
Hourly to Hysterics
Irish to Ivy
I to Ireland
Jack to Juvenile
Keen to Kosciusko
Labour to Life
Life to Lost
Lot to Lying
Macedonia's to Meat
Mecaenas to Miser
Miserable to My
Myrtle to Myself
Nag to Not
Notable to Nut-Brown
O to Oyster
Pace to Peril
Perils to Points
Poison to Purse
Purses to Pyramid
Quadrille to Quoth
Rabble to Road
Roam to Russian
Sabbath to Shape
Shapes to Smile
Smiles to Stillness
Sting to Swear
Swearing to System
Table to Think
Thinking to Too
Tooth to Tyrannous
Ugly to Usuree
Vacant to Vulgar
Waft to Whirl
Whigs to Woe
Woes to Worse
Worst to Wroth
Yarn to Youth
Zeal to Zeal

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