Woes to Worse
Table of contents
Woes death endsWork for man to mend
    end to my woes    frivolous
    for others’    have now completed a
    it cannot cure    man goeth to his
    limits to my    providence made
    rare are solitary    we are born to
    that wait on age    without prayer
Wolf dwell with lambWorks all her
Wolsey’s fallWorld a mad
Woman    a stage
    a cunning    and its dread laugh
    a good    another and a better
    all met in a    aside
    any other    away so runs the
    appears    buffets of the
    at its head    but as the world
    can do    can please
    be there    damn’d in that
    but what is    feels nothing new
    fair    for Cæsar
    forget    forgetting
    hand upon a    forgot
    in our hours of ease    forgot by the
    is at heart a    given to lying
    is like to    has nothing
    like a German clock    in arms
    loves her lover    in awe
    lovely    in purchase
    mov’d    is ashamed
    nothing on earth but a    is made of
Woman oweth to her husband    is this
    scorn’d    knows nothing
    shallow changing    made for Cæsar
    smiled    made for Titus too
    stoops to folly    master of a
    take an elder    of faults
    that is a    paragon’d o’ the
    that deliberates    rotundity of
    thou horribly virtuous    round the
    thy name is    sick of this bad
Womb of morning    starved in this
    of night    talking
    let looseWorld through the
    ripe in fortune’s    to know the
Women are players    to them
    are won    trust this
    cannot fight for love    unknown
    find few real friends    uses of this
    guide the plot    wags
    have no characters    was all before them
    no reason ask    was dried
    plac’d together    wide enough
    say are not    witch the
    stormy    working day
    think in their hearts    your gallery
    will break their heartsWorld’s an inn
    wish to be who love    at an end
Woman’s a contradiction    mine oyster
    hideWorlds exhausted
    honour    interest in both
    noblest station    to brighter
    only virtueWorm and maggot of law
    plighted faith    envious
    silence    viperous
    smile    will turn
    willWorms have eaten them
Women’s fanciesWorn years ago
    weaponsWorse appear the better
Won by wooing thee    confounded
    fair lady    from bad to
    may be    my friend
    in this humour    sped
    so fairly    than nothing
    therefore to be    unto that is worst
    unsought be
    women are
Wonder grew
    kneel and
    where you stole ’em
Wonted fires
Wooden Walls
Woodman forth goes the
Woo’d would be
Wooing ever
Wool fleece of
Word and a blow
    arose unheeded
    by my
    for faith
    for a thousand pounds
    good as the bank
    of promise
    or two
    suit action to the
    talk a
Word teaching me that
    to throw at
Words and actions
    are like leaves
    beget anger
    came first
    concussion of
    fly up
    move slow
    of God
    of sweet breath
    of truth
    once spoke
    power of
    that burn
    two charming
    well suited to the age
    with nothing in them
    without thoughts
    will rescue misery
    words words, words

  By PanEris using Melati.

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