Whigs to Woe
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WhigsWings oh that I had
    are cyphers    of time
Whip    shall tell
    me such knavesWink a reputation down
    in every hand aWins the eye
Whipp’d outWinter at hand
    for o’erdoing    comes at last
Whipping, escape    comes to rule
Whips and scorns    lingering
Whirlwind rides in the    of our
Whispering lovers    wind
Whispers tinged with friendshipWinter’s flaw
Whist stood still    time-bleach’d locks
Whistle her offWintry clouds
    the shrillWisdom cold
Whistled as he went    creative
Whistling of a name    is oft concealed
Whitewashed wall    is the only thing
Who breathes    of age
    can direct    reproof from
    hath not own’d    sits in want
    thinks    smile
Who would be    taught
    would not be    that we may apply
Whoe’er has travell’dWise and masterly
Whole half is better than    be to-day
    half is more than    bearing
Wholesome you’ll find it    father
Whose night    folly to be
    peaceful day    know that God is
Why for every    man knows
    is plain    man is strong
Wicked Hannibal    physician
Widow a study    saws
    as I say    so young
    of fifty    some deemed him
    presents her weed    to-day
Wife a vine    too pretty to be
    and children    too wise to err
    a fair    young judge
    husband and theWiser man
    goodWisest the
    half so delightful as aWisely and slow
    constellation of virtueWish ardently we
    peculiar gift of heaven    to blot
    like a nolle prosequi    was father
    like peevish man andWish’d to be
    part with yourWishes all confined
    stopt the proceedings    like landscapes
    thou rake of aWit
    tyrant    a man
    you are my true    and judgment
    you made me a    and mirth
Wife’s pleasure husband’s pain    brightens
Wig the dowry of a second    flew about the room
Wild far in aWit in a man
    fowl fearful    is the most rascally
Wiles wanton    poor enough to be
Wilful against wise    reproof from
Will and there an end    snuft by want
    be there a    out age in
    he that complies    that can creep
    if she complies    to make faults
    not when she mayWitching time of night
    of hisWith equal pace
    puzzles the    thee
    who has no    his fist
Willing nations knewWither green
Win    her
    a womanWithered and
    laugh that    suddenly have I
    mightWithers at joy
    or lose    are unwrung
    the fairWithout our hopes
WindWits great
    and his nobility    encounter of the
    and rain    live by his
    blown    losing his
    ill blows theWives and children
    in that cornerWiving by destiny
    not the illWoe all our
    now sits the    charm for
    tempers the    cherish’d
    what    foreseeing
    whistles at his work    heritage of
    wings of the    knowledge leads to
Window of my heart    melt at others’
    to receive    mockery of
Windows and storied    ponderous
    ere 1 let fall the    protracted
    her two blue    succeeds a woe
    of her mind    sculptured form of
Windows thy eyes    who felt another’s
    to the soul
Winds breathe soft
    cradled in
    of heaven
    shake the buds
    while rocking
Wine and truth
    -cup sparkles
    invisible spirit of
    makes love forget its cares
    of life
    there is truth in
    what cannot
Winged the shaft

  By PanEris using Melati.

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