Waft to Whirl
Table of contents
Waft a featherWeariest and loathed
Wager back opinions with aWeariness can snore on flint
Wagers, for arguments useWears a precious jewel
Waiter more wineWeary hour
Wake the soul    of
Waking bliss    to sleep
    dream    with disasters
    thoughtsWeave the warp
    toilsWeaver of stockings
Walk before meWeaver’s issue
    underWeb of our life
Walkers, viciousWed or cease to woo
WalkingWedded love
Walks benighted    wife
Wall a like Athens hadWedding before sermon
    he builds aWedlock treachery
    patch aWeed gather honey from a
    up with English dead    his grave clean
Waller was smoothWeeds grow apace
Walls have tongues    make haste
    of Cumnor HallWeep and laugh
    outward    in vain
Wand almighty    no more lady
Wandered wild and wide    nothing but
Wandering mazes    on wedding-day
    on foreign strand    the more
Wanderings, in all my    with them
Want a pleasureWeeping endless
    and pain    no joy at
    age andWeigh a nation
    can separateWeighed earth
    eloquentWeight of pain
    here’s neither    of fourscore years
    of skillWeights two
    retired to dieWelcome
    smiling    a table full of
Wants but few    all
War    at an inn
    aid atter    ever smiles
    and love    guest
    glorious    the coming guest
    grim-visag’d    to me
    he sungWell begun
    horrid war    bred
    horse    glad to see you
    is toil and trouble    is not
    its thousands slays    met
    my noble father    of English undefiled
    to the knife    paid
    tug of    satisfied
Warble wood notes    that ends
Warm her charityWench of mettle
    her devotionWenches pins them on his sleeve
    in interest    there be
Warms thatWept we
Warrior like a    him dead
Warwick is hoarseWept o’er his wounds
WashWest due
    this bloodWestern star
Wasps bottledWestminster Abbey
Waste its sweetnessWestward hoe
Wasteful isWhale like a
WatchmanWhat a falling off
Water clears us    a fine thing
    gruel    care I
    turned to wine    day what hour
    write virtues in    I’ll tell thee
Waters    is life
    bread upon    to tell the
    walks the    perils do environ
Wave charmed    we have
    in sign of worship    will Mrs. Grundy say
    MunichWhat’s aught but as ’tis value
Wavertree Well    done is done
Waves be    done cannot be mended
Wawl and cry    he to me
Wax thy sister    Hecuba to him
Way    in a name
    catch the nearest    the matter
    give our betters    what
    of a shipWhate’er is best
    of an eagleWhatever is, is best
    same    is
    was long    is is right
Ways of GodWheat and Tares
    God to men    two grains of
    vindicateWheel out of order
We doubt the unsearchable    upon a
    like not thisWheels chariot
    two areWhen I ope my lips
    would    Providence
Weak beginnings    shah we three
Weakest goes to the wall    the poor cried
    ministerWhere or
Wealth love maintain’d by    be your gibes
    on the left    men may read
    was want    is my child
Wear outWherever God
    that I getWhirl the wretch
    this for me

  By PanEris using Melati.

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