Ugly to Usuree
Table of contents
Ugly and venomousUnknown early seen
Unadorned loveliness when    has kept his faith
Unanimity is wonderful    ye great
Unbidden guests    yourselves
Unblest, livesUnlucky have but hours
Unborn sorrowUnmannerly knaves
UncleUnmask her beauty
    TobyUnmix’d with baser matter
Unconcerned would sitUnmomentous things
Unction to your soulUnmov’d and silent
Under which kingUnprepared when men are
Undergo an evilUnprofitable stale, flat, and
Underlaid with piecesUnquiet meals
Underneath this sable hearseUnruly children
Understand do youUnsearchable dispose
Understanding take awayUnsphere the stars
Understood bad coursesUnsunn’d snow
    hardest to beUntainted through this mass
Undiscovered countryUntaught knaves
Undivulged crimesUntune that string
Undone not beUnused to melting mood
    would not beUnutterable things
Uneasy lies the headUnwashed artificer
Unfledged comradeUnwatch’d go
Unfriended remoteUnwept unhonour’d
Ungrateful as you areUnwet feet
Unhappy have but hoursUnwhipt of justice
Unhoused conditionUp and doing
Union of church and state    some
Unit value ofUpon what ground
Universal goodUrchin the shivering
    hissUrn can storied
Universe born for the    hissing
    half reflects the otherUsage fair
University not bred atUse arbiter and rule of right
Unkennel the fox    change stamp of nature
Unkind deformed but the    every man
    prove    is the judge
Unkindest cut of all    is the law
Unkindness    is the rule of speech
    alter’d eye    the judge, law, rule of speech
    drink down allUses to what base
    I bury all    of
    may defeatUsuree pernicious
    mocks the tear

  By PanEris using Melati.

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