Tooth to Tyrannous
Table of contents
Tooth a serpent’sTrimm’d
    of timeTrimmers are
Tooth-AcheTrip advantage take of
    never endured patiently    fantastic toe
Torments in the ringTripod on three legs
Torrent heardTriton of minnows
Torture him, I’llTrivet right as a
Tost in sea of follyTrope out there flew a
Tottering in decayTroubled sea
Touch of joy or woeTrowel laid on with a
    of your conditionTroy corn grows where
    that cheek    the model where old
Touchy such a    tottering
Towers buss the cloudsTruant disposition
    of JuliusTruckle I cannot
Town has ting’d the countryTrue as steel
    man made the    dreams are
    talks of nothing else    more strange than
Toys and baubles    patriots we
    misuse and cast away    to nature
Tu DocesTrue to thine own self
Trace you may    it is
    back the timeTrumpet I know his
    behind    of our wrath
    himTrust an absolute
Trade extirpate all    double
    I cashier thee    him with caution
    two of a    not man
Traitors doubts areTruth a lustre
    still I love    and fiction
Transgress laws    each claiming
Tranquility looking    disclaiming both
    heaven was all    from his lips
    sleeping in    if clouded
Transitory keep nothing    in bottom of a well
Translation good    not indebted to a lie
Travell’d life’s dull    in sunny vest
Traveller bent on speed    is always strange
Traveller carols as he goes    is drawn in
    returns not    is lost by protesting
Travellers must be content    is powerful
Tread lightly    is sunk in the deep
    fear to    is truth
    quake to    is unwelcome
    the walks of death    its latent ray
    upon    makes free
Treason fit for    ocean of
    I detest    of
    never prospers    to be
    past is virtue    to her cavern fled
Treat I’ll stand    tell
Treble childishTruths divine came
Tree    I hope there be
    fallethTub must stand upon
    forbiddenTugg’d with
    inclin’dTumults high stations
    known by fruitTune and harsh
    loftyTurbid stream
    of knowledgeTurkies coffin’d
    of deepest rootTurn a deaf ear
    or flower    gentle hermit
    state of the    she can
Trees    the penny
    clap their handsTurning trembles too
    cut to statuesTurnpike road
    shaded withTurns past to pain
Tremble shall never    them
Trembling cowardTurnspit
Trencher manTurrets cloud-kissing
Trespass not yourTurtle-dove
Trespasses forgive us our    love of the
Tresses sableTurtles and doves
Trial rejoin theTutor discretion be your
Tributaries followTweedle-dum and
Trick worth two of thatTwelve apostles
Tricked in antique ruff    midnight hath told
Tricks beforeTwig bent
    none in simpleTwilight gray
    of human brainTwinkling feet
Trifle think nought aTwo evils
Trifles are confirmation    of a trade
    light as air    puddings
    unconsideredTug of war
    too long onTyrannous breathing
Trim what dost thou mean    to use
Trim the fire

  By PanEris using Melati.

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