Thinking to Too
Table of contents
Thinking an idle wasteTime never heavy
    on the frosty Caucasus    nurse of all good
Thinks a faultless piece to see    noiseless foot of
Thirst seasoning for drink    rolls his course
This is my body    sands of
    must be so    saltness of
Thorn graft a    shall be no more
Thorns I have reap’d    shall throw a dart
Thou dost conspire    sleep it away
    monstrous piece    subdued by hostile
    talk’st    syllable of recorded
    think’st him wrong’d    toiled after him
Though absent    treads on flowers
Thought as a sage    wasted is existence
    greatly    we waste
    her body    wings of
    is speech    young
    is silenceTimes deceased
    Jove hears aTime’s furrows
    lost inTimorous foe
    no illTipsy with laughing
    too mad forTired he sleeps
    raise the    limbs
Thoughts be bloody’Tis not a life
    foul    not thy face
    give thyTitle and profit
    hang upon    page of roguery
    stranger to thyTitus good
    that meetTo be
    that breathe    day he puts forth
    to thy    day is, to-morrow not
    to memory dear    die
Thoughts too deep for tears    dream
    with your    me more dear
Thousand shocks    my death
Thousands mourn    neither a word
Thread skein of    sleep
    of his verbosity    the old
Threaten the threatener    the young
Threats no terror in your    try me
Three halfpence a day    turn and wind
    hundred a yearToad ugly
    nationsTobacco child of
    legg’d table    pernicious weed
    legg’d stool    ruin of body and soul
    physiciansToby get my jug
    scoreToe infest the
    sunsTogether range the fields
Thrice he slewToil and trouble
    he routed    envy want
    my peace was slain    nor spin
    the brinded cat    or strife, in
    thy shaft flew    sleep after
Thrift HoratioToils of honour dignify
    may follow    of war
Throats cutting by whispersTold it, added something
Throne virtue never near    you so
Through thick and thinTomb
    tatter’d clothes    deck with flowers
Throw away    so sepulchr’d
    physicTo-morrow and
Thunder dread the    blossoms
    or rain    cheats us all
Thunders in the index    defer not till
Thyself seek not    do thy worst
Tide and time    is a satire on to-day
    in the affairs of men    live till
Tidings drink thy    no
Ties on earth    to fresh woods
Tiger HircanTo-morrow where is
Tiger’s heartTo-morrow’s clouds
TimeTongue a maiden without
    and hour    a woman’s
    a treasure    accursed be that
    arbitrator    batteries
    bank and shoal of    deliver thy message
    beckoned flowers    in every wound
    brings grey hair    index of mind
    brings increase    is the clapper
    comes stealing on    midwife of mind
    conducts him    of war
    consuming    silent
    delves parallels    speaks
    for all things    stringless
    gap of    tickled
    good old    trippingly on the
    good time coming    will speak
    has not thinn’d    wets their
    has quell’dTongues in trees
    hath blotted my pride    I’ll hang on every tree
    hath eaten the letters    live upon them
    honoured race    of dying men
    I wasted    speak of him
    is out of joint    that syllable men’s names
    is still a flying    walls have
    is but motionTonson Monsieur
    impression strongerToo apt to kill
    or motion    much of this
    of day    poor for a bride
    must friend or end    proud to importune
    no note of

  By PanEris using Melati.

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