Table to Think
Table of contents
Table on a roarTease me together
Tailor’s newsTedious as a tired horse
Taint of vice    prattle
Tainted in his wits    though short
Take all the restTeeth
    any shape but that    black and white
    each man’s censure    like falling snow
    it to heart    on edge
    my life and allTell as he began
    not life    me all things true
    note    me where
    the cork out    my age
    the means    tale women
    these again    truth and shame
    thy auld cloak    what you
    those lips awayTemper
    too much upon you    blest with
    what he gives    justice
    who have the powerTemperance
Talbot is this the    feed on pulse
Tale, a round unvarnished    with health
    an ancientTempest born in
    as said to me    lags
    honest speeds best    of my soul
Tale I could unfold a    wrought
    old and often told    built
    same old slabber’d    dwell in such a
    seldom hear aTemples ascend the skies
    so sadTempt to rise
    tedious as a twice toldTen groats for an attorney
    thereby hangs a    shilling ordinary
    told by an idiotTendril the youthful
Tales of sorrow doneTenement of clay
    relateTennis-court vast
Talk a little wildTenor of their way
    a wordTenth transmitter
    die if I don’tTerence hum
    how he will talkTesty such a
    they alwaysTetchy and wayward
Talkers no good doersText a square of
Talking age    for fashion of gown
    and eloquence    letters
Tall as some tower    rivulet of
    cliffThank you kindly, Sir
    the varlet isThank’d at all
    to reachThanks
    your hero should be    equal
Tam was glorious    much
Tame be not too    no more
Tammie glowr’d    your love deserves my
Tangled wed we weaveThat it should come
Taper’s lightThaw and resolve itself
Tar waterTheatre as in a
Task delightfulTheban learned
Taste a satisfactionThemselves but
    notTheology stall’d
    of your qualityThere is no more faith
    what you will of    pity dwelt
    the fragranceThere’s the rub
    their liquorTherein the patient
    their valourThese are of them
    they neverThick as autumnal leaves
    your legs, Sir    and thin
Tasted being    my blood
Tasteless mortalsThief doth fear
Taught better fed than    of time
    us how to dieThievery honourable kind of
    us how to liveThieves make and punish
Tavern a goodThing
Tax creative wisdom    devised by the enemy
    ignorance    of no bowels
    learning    on things
    not ourselvesThings forms of
Taxes rails at    in heaven and earth
Tea grounds of    neither rich nor rare
    soft sober liquidThink it not too late
Teach    must govern
    eternal wisdom    of life
    erring man    of that master
    in song    our father’s fools
    the young    too little
    deeper by a
    down childhood’s cheek
    for pity
    forgot as soon as shed
    in beauty’s eye
    in Cleopatra’s eye
    kind father’s pitying
    my Kitty sheds a
    of sympathy
    so limpid
Tear the homage of a
    which pious fathers shed
    and light
    and sighs
    are lovelier
    are too precious
    baptized in
    began to flow
    big round
    bottle them up
    dim with childish
    forbade the rest
    gave me up to
    did fall
    house of
    language of
    not thy tide of
    philosophy of
    such as angels weep
    such as fathers shed
    shall drown the wind

  By PanEris using Melati.

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