Sting to Swear
Table of contents
Sting theeSuccession slander lives upon
Stir as well push Paul’s asSuccessors gone before him
    the fireSuccour dawns from heaven
Stirrup and the groundSuch age
Stock who trades without    men
Stocks savageSuck’d my verdure out
StomachSucking child
    as sharpSuckle fools
Stone even of aSufferance, against
    fling    the badge of our tribe
    my heart is turn’d toSuffering learn in
    shall cry outSufferings to each his
    toSufficiency an elegant
    wallsSuffocate may he be
StonesSugar o’er the devil
    of RomeSuggestion as a cat laps
    would cry out    by that self hand
Stood among    infamous for
    between dead and livingSuit the action
Stoop to riseSuitor long to bide a
Stop a holeSuits obtaining
    the airSummer cloud
    too fearful to    glorious
Storms keep out sun    refulgent comes
    of fate    then came jolly
Stormy magazines    with fervid eye
Story a well writSummons upon a fearful
    being doneSun a stream of glory
    ! God bless youSun awake before the
    I beseech you, no    a-weary of the
    of my life    began to peep
Strand adverse    bids their diamonds
Strange eruptions    breaks through clouds
    ’twas passing    goes round
Strangely very    gone down while yet day
Stranger bashful    his progress in the east
    finds    in the lap
    houseless    is set
    than fiction    Juliet is the
    to thy thoughts    looks on all alike
    yet to pain    move
Strangest strangers    rises and shines o’er all
Strain again    sets look for night
Strains you sing    shall be darkened
Stratagems and spoils    shines with impartial
Straw pierces it    shine upon a
Strawberry grows under nettle    that sets
Straws on surface    the king of day
Stream of Time    the lamp of heaven
    turbid    the orbed continent
Streamers that shot    to rise on evil and good
Streams rapid and slow    was low
    small    a veil of
Strength giant’s    motes in
    in beer    passes through
    of mindSunburnt daughter of labour
Strengthens with his strengthSunday hang’d on
Stricken deerSunflower
Stride at one    follower of the sun
Strife meddle not with    giant of the garden race
Strike but hear meSunny hour
    flat the thickSuns bound the
    now or iron cools    he saw two
Strike the blow    I see three
Strikes when    o’erspread
String harp not on thatSunset golden
    may jarSunshine and rain
Stringless instrumentSupercilious knowledge
Strings jarSuperficial knowledge
    unto your bowSuperfluous to ask the time
StriveSuperstitious article
    against hopeSupper and distempering draughts
Strokes of art    for
Strong and lustySupport him after
    lanceSups with Seneca
    upon the stronger sideSure and firm-set
    without rageSurface flow
Struggling inSurrey saddle white
Struts and fretsSuspect the thoughts
Stubble land    yet
Stubborn handSuspicion haunts
Studious sitSwain inhospitable
Study and from Coke instruction    responsive
    fields hisSwallow dares
    lived in the templeSwam till fortune
    of mankindSwan a crow
    six hours to sleep    leaves this world singing
Stuff as dreams are made of    of Avon
    ears with declamation    sings her own dirge
Stuffing ears of menSwear if he
Stump and rump    is neither brave
Style refines    kiss the book
Subdue by force    not
Subject and his    to the truth
Sublime to the ridiculous
Submission with bated breath
Substance true
Success catch
    ill got had ever bad
    not attend
    pray for my
    to command
    to ease

  By PanEris using Melati.

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