Smiles to Stillness
Table of contents
Smiles and censuresSounds sympathy with
    as if he mock’d himselfSour in digestion
    by cheerful fireSouth sunny
    practis’dSovereign reason
    wreathedSpark hasty
Smiler with the knifeSt John mingles
Smiling at griefStag heart of
Smith with his hammerStage leaves the
Smoke ends in    a
    light from    crack the
Smooth water runs deep    of fools
Snails with silverStages may have been
Snake drags its slow lengthStair another’s
    scotch’d theStairs common as
Snare delusion and a    kiss his feet
Snatch the blissStale flat, and unprofitable
Sneer laughing devil in hisStalking horse of religion
    teach the rest toStamp their race
Sneering, and withoutStamps forbid
Snow-brothStamps God’s own name
    chaste as unsunn’dStand between churchmen
    of blossoms    high
    pure as snow    not
    the pasture shuts    off
    untrodden    upon points
So spake the fiendStandard of his own
Soar with pinionsStar a bright particular
Sociable too    calls up the shepherd
Social board    -chamber
Socket burn to    in the East
Softness she for    nods to star
Solace books my sure    sparkled in a
Soldier brokenStarch’d piece
    by CæsarStars are fire
    full of oaths    are poor books
    rest!    conference with
Soldiers are devils    fall in silence
    life    give light
Sole author    hide their heads
Solemn steps and slow    I am above the
Solicitor as our fair    in order twinkle
Solitude who think it    in their courses
Solo nothing but a    keep not motion
Some difference made    of heaven
    greater than the rest    of the night
Something particular    receive lustre from
    rotten    two shine not together
Sometimes eat    unite
Son duteous    with trains of fire
    he never had aStarved half
    most dearStarving body
    of parchmentState and church
    to be father’s stay    idle
Song, hush’d on Sunday    of man
    still govern thou my    of men
    teach in    rush into
Sonnetteer some starved    was nothing
Soothe the woesStately stept he east
Sores and shamesStatesman
Sorrow brings an heir    village
    closely tiedStation private
    concealed doth burnStatues of men
    down climbingStatute hand down the
    eat my budStatutes in that case
    ends notStay
    for mankind    a little
    goldenSteal their brains
    melt intoStealing and giving odour
    of heartSteed threatens
    rises as day returnsSteel to the back
    rooted    hoops of
    shrieking    impelled
    silent here    like a man of
    sit thee down    true as
    than inSteep my senses
    to the graveSteep’d me
    words giveSteps beware of desperate
    wore one common face    grace in
Sorrow’s eye, sleep shuts    hear not my
    tale atStern daughter
Sorrows come not singleSterner stuff
Sorry pre-eminenceSteward that hereditary bore
Sots or cowardsStewed prune
Soul a darkStick his little
    bruis’d    instead of a
    counts thee her creditorSticking place
    elegance ofStiff in opinions
    flow ofStile over the
    I am, myStill
    is wanting thereStill achieving
    I have a    pursuing
    spaciousStillness a horrid
    smiles at dagger    with silence
    wake the
    weak leans on
    why shrinks the
    without reflection
Souls genial current of
    were forfeit once
    and fury
    himself had made
    is sufficient
    of revelry
    of trees growing
    that breathes

  By PanEris using Melati.

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