Shapes to Smile
Table of contents
Shapes and givesSincerity first of virtues
    turns them toSinews of war
Sharp-toothed unkindnessSing Heavenly Muse
Sharped he that    songs of Zion
ShavingSinging as they shine
She bade me adieuSings at grave-making
    bade me returnSingle I be quite
    came adornedSingularity trick of
    is a bookSinner it or Saint it
    lived aloneSinners are safe
    never told her loveSinning sinned against
    sat by the riverSins of others
    wept    we do
    whose husband wasSire decay’d
    will keep her word    stoop
    would hang on himSire the virtues of
Sheaf wheatenSister sickens
Shears and slitsSit cut in Alabaster
Shed humbler    Jessica
    monarch of    too long on trifles
Sheep    you down
Sheet nor shroudSits lightly
Shew him upSix hundred pounds
Shelter seek    pence a day
ShellsSixth age shifts
Shelves about hisSixty years ago
Shepherds yeSkies secrets of
Sherry-CobblerSkill barbarous
Shield cast away my    own’d
Shilling a splendidSkilled negligence
Shine like a guineaSkin
Shines a good deed    beautify the
    by his own light    in his skin
Ship gallantSkip and play
    the firstSkull had a tongue
ShipwreckSky the western
Shive of cut loafSkylark type of the wise
Shocks naturalSlakes his thirst
Shoe has power to woundSlander
    untied    angry at a
Shoes clean yourSlaughter’s the matter
    dead men’sSlave cozening
Shoot at crows    passion’s
Shore nor see the    to silver
Shorn of his beamsSlavery a bitter draught
Short and simple annalsSlaves all are
Shot arrow    cannot breathe in England
Shoulder ofSleep after dinner’s
Shovel dirty    blessed he who invented
Show    dwell upon thine eyes
    public    for ever will I
Shrewdly the air bites    in peace
Shrewsbury clock    like unto death
Shrine of the mighty    nurse of nature
Shrunk shank    of death
Shuffled off    out
Shuffle-cap stood gaping    pretending
Shunned as odious    shake off this downy
Shut the door    shall ne’er know waking
    the gates of mercy    that knows no breaking
    up    the brave
Shutters fast    time away
Sickle with the    to die, to sleep
Sickly mienSleep’s soft dominion
SicknessSleeping and dead
Sicklied o’erSleeps well
Side on his    with Erra Pater
Sides of intentSleeve broken
Sidney’s sister    heart upon
Sigh now and then a    of care
    hast ever weigh’d aSlings and arrows
    to thinkSlip if he had been as you
    tribute of a    let
    with pitySloth finds the pillow
SighedSlow and steady wins
Sighs a world of    consuming
Sight credit ourSlower method
    fleet not inSlough of despond
    of meansSluggard
    part of    go to the ant, thou
Sights    ’tis the voice of the
Sign makes noSlut our Polly is a sad
SignsSly insinuations
Signatures of graceSmack of age in you
Signify what does thatSmall-pox that dire disease
Signifying nothingSmell a very ancient
Silence    villanous
    be check’d forSmelt cheers each part
    by praiseSmile and be a villain
    eloquent    lived upon a
    the rest is    and tear
Silent    and murther while I
    contemplation    cause to
    though silent    diet of a
Silver to lame beggar    ghastly
Simpleton being a    tribute of a
Simplicity a child    we shall
    a grace
Sin a mighty man
    by that
    mince the
    of abstinence

  By PanEris using Melati.

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