Sabbath to Shape
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Sabbath     selling on Sabbaths O Italy, thy Sable shroud Sacrament Sack deal of     give me a cup of Sad as angels Sadder and wiser Sadness and melancholy Safe is not Safety this flower Sage advices     thought as a Saint abroad     George     seem a     without Saints who taught Saintship shake the Sally in our alley Saltness of time Salutary ends Salvation see Sand thy brother Sands of time Sans teeth Sap infect thy Satan exalted sat     now is wiser Satire or sense Saturn Sauce seeks for     where appetite Saucy doubts and fears Saul and Jonathan Savage breast Save in office of love     me from candid friend Saved should be Saw those Say and I will hear Scale the heavens Scan habit Scandal     no about Elizabeth Scant of meat or mirth Scar Scars he jests at Scatter plenty Scene     of man Scenes new Scent morning’s air Schemes Scholar School-boy     days     done     free for education     from School-master Science frown’d Sconce Scorn     a sacrifice     delights     her image     public Scourged by winds Scotland Scraps from other trenches     stolen Scratches blood of the Screw Scribble who daily Scrip and scrippage Scripture cite Scriptures     of the skies Scrivener Scylla and Charybdis Sea     I am out at     I am the     cliff     of folly     of glory     of matter     of passion     of troubles     puff’d up     retired two miles     shore     sick     wave of Sea’s worth Seas incarnardine Seaman Sear and yellow leaf Search for ill     for pearls Seasons Seats beneath Second spring Secret be     ends Sect slave to no Sectaries, jarring See     a pin is there See a noise he heard     how     it     ourselves     where she comes Seek it Seeketh good Seem     a saint Seeming blest     evil     live by Seen     I’ve     more days     to be admired Self     approving hour     defence     esteem     love     mettle Selves from our own Sempster dropt her needle     sat still Senate Senior my tough Sense     common     daintier     in Lethe     of death     rays from     want of Senseless and fit Senses in Sensible and well-bred man Sensibility smiling Sentence after     mouths a Sentiment don’t tell me of Sepoys Sepulchre     of what she was Sermon never drest without Sermons Serpent a very     tooth Servants bad     hasting     put out Serve Service some Servitude laws of Set his seal     my life     your affection Settee the soft Setting sun Seven ages Sex alone Sexton an honest Shade     follows wealth or fame Shadow     and substance     of what he was     proves Shadow see my Shadows before     rest upon it     to-night Shaft at random sent     that made     to fledge Shafts of silver Shaking of hands Shakspere Shall absolute     I die     I lay perjury Shame and guilt     I speak to your     where is thy blush Shape     but that     pleasing     questionable

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